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February 12
13:58 2020
The small-business situation

All businesses, whether it be large enterprises or small one-man operations, need a measure of marketing to create engagement with customers and make them satisfied with the business exchange. Simply put, marketing attracts customers and facilitates customer satisfaction. Marketing is a necessary part of running a business.

Small businesses face unique challenges in marketing. Perhaps the biggest of which is the limitation in resources like budget, people and time. Most of the resources have to be allocated to core business operations like production and operation. That is why small businesses need to be creative in coming up with viable and effective marketing campaigns within their constraints.

More challenges

Other marketing challenges that small businesses often voice out are aspects of marketing, each interrelated with the others. These are aspects include increasing visibility, choosing the right marketing channels, and keeping up with rapidly evolving technology. But one of the most basic marketing dilemmas that small businesses face is producing content.

In marketing, content is still king. Content is what makes a business and its products and services relatable to customers. Content is both an attention magnet and a discriminating filter. Good content attracts customers and the right content attracts the right customers. And the right customer is the one that buys the product or service – a paying customer.

Small businesses want to sell first and foremost. Sales contribute to revenue, and revenue contributes to cash flow, the lifeblood of business. All marketing efforts should ultimately lead to sales. This effort starts with the search for the right customers through content marketing, more technically called lead generation.

The big question

Finally, small business operations typically don’t have a marketing department. If they want a professionally made marketing campaign, they have to outsource marketing services. Perhaps the most important question to them is: who can they trust to do their marketing?

Some things to consider in selecting a marketing service provider might be price, range of services, mode of operation, the agency’s history, success rate, and reputation. All in all, it’s all about compatibility. Which marketing provider suits the small business best?

For that question, one provider’s name often floats above all others when it comes to catering to small businesses, especially in terms of content marketing services. And that’s

Marketing and consultancy offers a broad range of services that new entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses often need. From assisting businesses with creating marketing instruments like sales letters to planning and executing full-packaged marketing campaigns, offers high-value services that every small business needs to stabilize and increase sales and revenue.

One of’s most popular services is its Content Marketing Package, a service highly sought by small businesses that need to generate leads qualified through select content. All this means is that can create custom content that will not only reach people far and wide but, more importantly, stoke real interest. Small businesses will get more response from the market, more inquiries about their products and services, and – since the content can attract the correct target consumer – bigger sales volume through higher conversions.

Solutions provides solutions in several ways. The Content Marketing Package includes a social media campaign to get the word out. Social media content will be specifically tailored for organic growth to further marketing reach, build brand awareness, and redirect traffic to the small business’s website.

Speaking of websites, the service package includes search engine optimization review and keyword analysis. Findings will be used for the design of an additional content page and original blog posts. These ensure that the clients’ websites will always be first-page suggestions on Google or any other search engines.

The marketing package also includes a bespoke marketing email crafted to not only stand out in a crowded inbox but also increase the rate of reader response.

What adds the best value to’s Content Marketing Package is the included content marketing consultation. Using experience and expertise, can help business owners re-assess their marketing strategy and apply revisions to maximize results.

Many small businesses have benefited from’s content marketing services, particularly in the area of lead generation. Content is about attracting opportunities and nobody knows it better for small businesses than

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