Kats Botanicals Announces a New Line of CBD Oils and an Update Packaging and GMP Certification

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Kats Botanicals Announces a New Line of CBD Oils and an Update Packaging and GMP Certification

April 06
17:09 2020
Kats Botanicals Announces a New Line of CBD Oils and an Update Packaging and GMP Certification

Kats Botanicals is excited to announce the release of a new line of CBD oils. Justin Kats, the owner of Kats Botanicals, says, “These new strengths and flavors provide devoted Kats’ customers with even more options.”  The CBD oils feature blueberry and vanilla flavors, making these CBD products even easier to take and more enjoyable.

Diverse and Exciting Product Line

Kats offers a variety of CBD products that include full-spectrum oils, isolate, and salves. Each product provides a different way for users to incorporate CBD into their daily wellness routines. Oils can be incorporated into foods, beverages, or taken each day orally.

CBD isolate is 99% pure CBD without any cannabinoids or terpenes, making it a safe option for workers who are regularly drug tested. CBD salves may soothe muscles from soreness and inflammation after exercise.

Blueberry CBD Oil

Kats Botanicals Blueberry CBD Oil comes in 500 mg and 1000 mg strengths. The  blueberry flavor offers a unique experience for CBD fans. The high-strength formula is perfect for experienced users and for those looking to switch to something flavored. The 500 mg formula is an excellent choice for beginners, and the taste makes it easier to take sublingually and hold under the tongue. Click here for more info.

Vanilla CBD Oil

The company’s new Vanilla CBD Oil also comes in 500 mg and 1000 mg strengths and provides a sweetness that customers don’t often find when they take our natural flavored Full-Spectrum CBD Oil. The vanilla flavor helps to mask the herbal taste of the CBD, which can sometimes be off-putting to those just beginning their CBD journey.

Click here to learn more.

High Quality Botanical Solutions

Kats Botanicals is recognized for providing high-quality botanical solutions for those looking to boost their well-being and navigate everyday stresses. All of Kats Botanicals’ CBD products are third-party tested for residual solvents, cannabinoids, and terpenes, and the results from each batch are available upon request.

Third-party testing ensures CBD, THC, and other cannabinoid content of Kats Botanicals’ CBD products are at the appropriate legal levels. Terpenes are a vital part of the CBD experience, as they help enhance the benefits of CBD and deliver these benefits throughout the body. This is a process CBD users know and love as the entourage effect.

Kats Botanicals also tests their CBD products for residual solvents to ensure all their products are pure. 

Kats Botanicals CBD is sourced from hemp grown high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where the air is pure, and the soil is rich. The result is a full-spectrum, high-quality CBD oil, now in new flavors, that Kats Botanicals’ customers have come to know and trust.

While CBD is one of their most popular items, Kats Botanicals is also one of the premier vendors for Kratom. Customers trust the source and the quality of the Kratom they purchase from Kats Botanicals. Kats Botanicals works closely with Indonesian farmers to source the freshest and most potent Kratom leaves for their products.

Kats Botanicals goes one step further by rigorously testing their Kratom products using a third-party laboratory. This lab looks for pathogens, microbiological components, and quality indicators.

Committed to Consumer Protection and Safety

Kats Botanicals is committed to consumer protection. For this reason, Kats Botanicals is excited to announce they will be Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified by the American Kratom Association.

Owner Justin Kats reports, “We are closer than ever to being GMP certified, which is an important step for Kats Botanicals as a company. We know our customers trust us to provide them with products that are pure and safe. We are delighted to be working with the American Kratom Association to demonstrate further our commitment to the strict processing and manufacturing standards outlined by the AKA. To help fulfill the requirements of these standards, we are also going to be releasing new packaging for our Kratom products.”

Kats Botanicals will soon be joining a list of elite American Kratom Association-approved Kratom vendors who work in tandem to protect customers and provide quality products. The AKA is also active in the political arena, with Kratom advocates petitioning members of Congress and local jurisdictions to keep Kratom legal.

The AKA’s Kratom Consumer Protection Act is at the forefront of its lobbying. With more vendors like Kats Botanicals committing to the AKA’s GMP standards and practices, it is encouraging for Kratom’s future in the United States.

The team at Kats Botanicals is excited about these new and upcoming developments and are eager to receive feedback from customers on their newest CBD flavors.

Kats Botanicals’ continued dedication to customer safety and delivering an unadulterated botanical product is just one of the qualities that makes them such a popular and trusted vendor of botanical wellness products.

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