How Ultrasounds Help Pinpoint COVID 19 Lungs, According to

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How Ultrasounds Help Pinpoint COVID 19 Lungs, According to

April 13
19:10 2020
How Ultrasounds Help Pinpoint COVID 19 Lungs, According to

Medical professionals are on the front lines of the battle to eradicate the COVID-19 virus. The current pandemic has led to thousands of deaths throughout the world due to the underlying symptoms of the virus and a lack of a cure. Reviewing how ultrasounds can pinpoint COVID-19 lungs shows doctors a better way to determine if patients have the virus. 

Faster Diagnosis for Patients with COVID-19

Providing a faster diagnosis for patients with COVID-19 could lower the risk of progression to the point of a ventilator for some patients. Current tests for the virus take longer to get a diagnosis and in some areas, the backlogs could lead to more fatalities due to the delays. Using an ultrasound shows the doctors the current condition of the patient’s lungs and helps them determine if the patient has contracted the virus. According to, earlier diagnosis could give the patients a better chance of survival and allow doctors to use respiratory therapy measures to remove congestion in the lungs at a faster rate. 

Defining The Stage of COVID-19

Defining the stage of COVID-19 determines the patient’s prognosis. The virus attacks the lungs and makes it difficult to breathe. At the final stages of the virus, the patients cannot breathe on their own due to the solidification of mucus in the lungs. This makes it difficult for the patient to break up the mucus in their lungs and expel it on their own. Using ventilation allows the patient to get increased oxygenation and remove the congestion through extraordinary measures. At the late stages of the virus, the patient requires a ventilator or they won’t survive the virus. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the patient will recover fully at this time since there isn’t a dedicated treatment or cure for the virus. Patients or medical professionals who want to review the signs of late-stage COVID-19 can visit this important site for more information now. 

How the Virus Affects the Lungs

The Corona Virus affects the lungs by causing underlying damage. The virus produces mucus just like any other flu virus that accumulates in the lungs over time. The difference with this virus as compared to H1N1 and other cases of flu viruses is that the mucus solidifies in the lungs and won’t break up. This leads to a dry cough and difficult breathing. Reviewing statistics for COVID’s Other Casualties shows how the virus is affecting patients throughout the world. 

How Ultrasounds Can Save More Patients

Ultrasounds, if used properly, can show underlying lung damage and congestion in the lungs quickly. Since doctors are learning what the signs of COVID-19 are in terms of imaging, the patients are diagnosed and treated faster. Ultrasounds could provide a more effective testing method that is pain-free. Reviewing ultrasound providers such as Butterfly Network helps hospitals learn more about using diagnostic equipment in the fight against the virus. 

Medical professionals use ultrasounds to capture images of organ systems and diagnose patients effectively. The COVID-19 virus affects the lungs more profoundly and leads to the accumulation of solidified mucus. Reviewing how ultrasounds can diagnose the virus could save time and lives.

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