Promotes Keeping Restaurants in Fisherman’s Wharf Open and Employees Working

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April 13
19:13 2020 Promotes Keeping Restaurants in Fisherman\'s Wharf Open and Employees Working

Restaurant owners are facing a serious financial crisis due to the spread of COVID-19. The shelter in place order is an opportunity for citizens to stay home and lower the curve. States throughout the country are following these orders to protect their health and the health of others. Reviewing ways to stay open and serve the public safely shows restaurant owners how to mitigate financial risks during the pandemic. 

How the Coronavirus is Affecting Local Restaurants

In the wake of the coronavirus, local restaurants have been challenged to stay afloat since social distancing prevents dining in the restaurants. Lockdown orders in every state have prevented citizens from enjoying a great meal with family and friends as the activities could increase the spread of the virus. According to, hundreds of restaurants throughout the US are more likely to go under due to these measures. 

Take Out Orders For Patrons

Take out orders reveal new promise for local restaurants and give them and local residents a chance to get the foods they love and enjoy their meals at home. Some restaurants offer drive-through options for patrons while others have presented delivery services at a distance. When reviewing each of these options, it is vital for restaurant owners to consider the best way to provide food for their patrons without risks. Restaurant owners who want to learn more about food service opportunities can find more info here now. 

Extra Precautions for Restaurant Patrons

Taking extra precautions for restaurant patrons helps the restaurants reduce liabilities and keep the public safe. Sanitation efforts have become more robust to lower the risk to the public and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Workers are required to wear masks and gloves when preparing food to prevent the spread of germs. Workers who are showing signs of the virus are required to stay home to lower the risks to other workers and the public. 

Assisting Those on the Front Lines

Restaurants feed hospital workers during coronavirus, keep staff employed and provide fresh meals every day. Nurses, doctors, and medical staff are working hard to treat patients and save lives during this pandemic. Local restaurant owners can do their part by providing these meals and delivering hot food to the hospital and feeding the staff on all shifts. Every effort to take care of the world’s heroes brings the country together and shows appreciation for those on the front lines. 

New Opportunities for Workers

Delivering food to patrons can give workers a chance to continue working during this time without facing extreme risks. Distance delivery allows the workers to place the food at the patron’s front door and stand back six feet while the patrons get their food. It is a great opportunity for the workers to get tips, too. It’s a great opportunity to keep staff employed. Reviewing efforts by restaurants such as Eagle Cafe show others what is possible for all restaurant owners at this time. 

Restaurant owners must follow a new protocol for protecting the public and staying afloat during the current pandemic. Take out and delivery options make it possible for restaurants to earn money without facing risks. Reviewing ways to serve the public and stay safe helps restaurants avoid a complete shutdown.

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