Industrial Matting Can Improve a Company’s Workplace

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Industrial Matting Can Improve a Company’s Workplace

April 20
23:59 2020
Industrial Matting Can Improve a Company’s Workplace

Even though they go most unnoticed among all the equipment and machinery clutter, industrial mats are extremely important in any industrial or commercial environment. From enhancing workplace safety to optimizing workforce productivity, mats provide invaluable functional values to any production site.

Industrial matting from a quality provider such as is typically categorized based on physical properties, which typically relate to the intended application they have. It’s important to note that most of the industrial mats being used today will fall into one of three design styles – linkable mats, modular tiles, and standard mats. Keep reading to learn more about industrial mats and the benefits they offer here.

Anti-Fatigue Comfort

Most industrial mats from California Industrial Rubber Co. will provide anti-fatigue comfort when the weather turns cold. Usually, the anti-fatigue mats are electrically heated, which means they provide warmth in harsher weather conditions.

Industrial mats that provide anti-fatigue benefits are typically split into two primary categories depending on where they are installed. This includes dry areas only and wet and dry areas. The mats designed for wet and dry areas are typically designed as meshes and don’t have any backing to allow moisture seepage or drainage.

Some of the latest anti-fatigue mats available today are also made slip-resistant to help prevent accidental calls. They will feature grit to provide traction. While many of these mats share similar properties, there are special models optimized for functional performance in many industries.

Safety Messages

Some industrial matting products are made with graphical safety messages on the surface. These are typically marketed by companies like as logo mats and they are considered both functional and appealing in their application. Based on the type of industry, the desired aesthetic effect, and area of installation a specific industrial mat can be inscribed. Thanks to new tech advances, modern safety mats with customized messages can include very artistic and photogenic graphics that can be used to communicate various safety messages in a convincing and appealing manner.

Floor Protection 

Many industrial mats are uniquely designed to keep the floors in various industrial sites from getting damaged due to scratching, staining, or chipping. They include unique design features like antimicrobial treatment and traction treads. The mats are made from tough materials, which makes them suitable for rough production environments and high traffic. There are other models of mats available too, like urinal floor mats, which are used for suppressing odors, inhibiting bacterial growth, and preventing staining.

Industry-Specific Protection

Some mats are designed to provide protection and safety in various risk-prone production environments. These are considered some of the most functional industrial mats available today. They offer protection against specific workplace risks and hazards.

When it comes to industrial mats, there are several options to consider. Each one can provide an array of benefits to any industrial space. Being informed is the best way to choose the industrial mats that are right for a business or organization and that will ensure the desired results are achieved. 

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