ChiroQueens helping Chiropractors find new patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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ChiroQueens helping Chiropractors find new patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic

May 13
16:27 2020
ChiroQueens has designed a new breakthrough system that helps chiropractors to attain new patients every week even in lockdown without wasting time in lengthy and draining networking campaigns.

Maryland – May 13, 2020 – Good news for chiropractors in the USA and Canada struggling to find patients in the midst of COVID-19 lockdown. A Maryland-based company, ChiroQueens, has come up with a system that helps chiropractors to find new patients even amid the lockdown crisis. The ChiroQueens system is the FIRST and ONLY system where doctors can get 5 new patients every week without much legwork.

The ChiroQueens system has already commanded a huge following among chiropractors across the USA and Canada and they have shared their great experiences through rave reviews.

“You always have new patients on the books.” – Dr. Paul

“I can honestly say out of all the online marketing people i’ve worked with, these guys know the business. They have been able to fill up my books pretty easily.” – Dr. Stephanie

What separates ChiroQueens system from the rest is its constant focus on sourcing better quality leads through educating people about the health wonders of chiropractic. The system also debunks the myths about the concept to avoid misleading information and offers detailed view about what it is and isn’t. Better information on the alternative healing practice inspires people to try out the treatment and seek appointments from chiropractors.

“A major thing that helps us to stand out in the market is our strong focus on ‘educating’ the populace about chiropractic. A lot of people don’t try an alternative treatment given lack of information. Exposure to baseless myths about it further worsens the situation. We bring in authentic expert knowledge about chiropractic and its amazing benefits which eventually motivate people to consult a chiropractor. And this way, we can help our chiropractor experts to receive new patients every week”, stated Hunter Ceroy, the man behind ChiroQueens.

In Frame: Hunter Ceroy

The ChiroQueens system not only makes prospective patients aware about the benefits of chiropractic treatment but also enables them to schedule as well as pay beforehand. However, all the payments made by the patients will be guarded by a money-back guarantee. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind the ChiroQueens system, Ceroy stressed on lack of results from marketing attempts by chiropractors across the USA. Chiropractors cannot do their regular boots on the ground marketing. They can’t do screenings, health fairs, seminars, dinners with the doctors which altogether hurt their lead (read patient) acquisition prospect big time. As per his statement, a lot of chiropractors have only attained zero results by relying on time-consuming networking events. Such a crisis inspired him to introduce a revolutionary system that will help chiropractors to gain leads yet without wasting time in regular marketing or networking tasks. And thus, the ChiroQueens system was born.

“It takes you long decades to build a solid practice based on word-of-the-mouth referrals. Our breakthrough system re-creates that referral magic online so that our chiropractors don’t have to wait for ages to develop a bustling practice. With our system, there is no need to waste time on those regular networking events that usually suck up your time and energy and leave you with peanuts. Put simply, our system will help you to get 5 new patients every week while you chill and that too even in the times of COVID-19 lockdown today”, said Nafiz Elgun, partner and co-founder of  ChiroQueens.

The ChiroQueens system carries a money-back guarantee for chiropractors who sign up for it.

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