Safiya Baravia Uses Rhythmic Gymnastics to Inspire The World

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Safiya Baravia Uses Rhythmic Gymnastics to Inspire The World

May 20
19:12 2020

As the pandemic forced almost everyone to stay at home, it was a chance for many to spend more time browsing social media, and getting to know more about what’s going on at the other sides of the world.

And that’s where sports lovers found their new inspiring hero to watch and follow, Safiya Baravia…

The young teen future Olympic Games Champion to be, the stunning talent of Rhythmic Gymnastics that is based in Dubai, and started to become an inspiration not only for her teen peers, but for everyone that’s searching for a hope, and motivation to overcome this home stay situation.

The young champion is sharing her training progress over her social media, that’s started to grow day by day, thanks to the dedication, and motivation that she is spreading, while everyone else is complaining about the current situation and showing frustration.

Reports say that Safiya is getting ready to the qualifying tournaments that will lead to Tokyo 2021, and that she was about to travel to Italy to participate in those games, where everything stopped and got delayed due to the global pandemic.

Her coaches confirmed that Safiya is using this time, to enhance her skills, and build the champions attitude and basics, that will enable her being the first female gold medal winner for her country.

And achievement will surely make everyone around her so proud, and will set an example to her fellow young teens, that life isn’t only about video games and TV cable channels, and that a hero is inside each one of them, waiting the right dedication, and motivation, to come out and inspire the world, the way Safiya Baravia is currently doing.



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