Of World’s Most Famous Dogs, Phantom, A Split-Face American Bully, Is Topping The List And Capturing Hearts

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Of World’s Most Famous Dogs, Phantom, A Split-Face American Bully, Is Topping The List And Capturing Hearts

June 23
13:52 2020

23 June, 2020 – Otis Orchards, WA – While many breeders claim to have the most famous dog in the world, Swag Kennels has proudly earned that honor. A professional commercial bulldog breeder in Otis Orchards, Washington, Swag Kennels has garnered international attention and acclaim for successfully breeding Phantom, a unique male American Bully with a split face and merle coat, as the world’s most famous dog.

Many breeds are unique, but not all are created equal. Nonetheless, several popular breeds are often highlighted as the most sought after for their unique appearances. These breeds include the Ibizan Hound, distinctive with amber eyes, large ears, and red, white fur and smooth or wiry coats; the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, with shades of red, sable, and brindle or marble; and the Irish Red Setter, with distinctive iconic colors and flashy, straight, and glossy coats. But Phantom, a newly bred American Bully, is now topping the for his split face and merle coat.

Unique in all regards, from a split face and merle coat to quality, size, and structure, Phantom immediately attracted the attention of top buyers around the world. Private buyers, including famous artists like rapper Offset, have offered as much as $500,000 for Phantom as a testament to his rarity, uniqueness, and quality. However, despite enticing offers, Swag Kennels has refused to sell and instead keeps Phantom home in its top-rated facility.

“We are honored to have the world’s most famous dog in our kennels,” remarked [Name], CEO of Swag Kennels. “Phantom, a two-faced merle American Bully, comes out on top for his uniqueness and color. After receiving offers from prospective buyers around the world, it’s clear just how special he is to so many.”

Breeding both XL and XXL American Bullies, Swag Kennels has regularly produced unique color variations from brown, black, and white to blue, fawn, ticking, brindle, lilac-tri, chocolate, and champagne, with exceptional quality, sizes, and structures. Achieving an international reputation for its breeding efforts and successes, Swag Kennels has met the needs of those looking for a unique American Bully from a world-class breeder. Swag Kennels is committed to the highest industry standards and is BBB-certified.

To see Phantom on Instagram, please visit @Phantom_Swaggerman. To learn more, please visit SwagKennels.com or follow Swag Kennels on social media @SwagKennels.

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