Age of the Behemoths, the thrilling LitRPG that combines tabletop roleplaying with VR and MMORPGs

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Age of the Behemoths, the thrilling LitRPG that combines tabletop roleplaying with VR and MMORPGs

July 01
22:51 2020
Innovative and Immersive fantasy read about colossal, mythical beasts roaming the vast lands.

BIRMINGHAM – July 1, 2020 – Age of the Behemoths (AOTB) announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to create a unique LitRPG (also known as Isekai and within GameLit) that feels more like you are playing a tabletop roleplaying game with its crunchy stats. It also revolves around an exciting concept of hunting or taming huge beasts. Being a huge fan of Dungeon and Dragons, Critical Role, R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt series, the Adventure Zone (to name a few) Amelia Gaine, who is the author of this debut series, wanted to bring the essence of tabletop roleplaying games to the niche LitRPG genre.

LitRPG is now my favourite genre and as such I consume many of the books available, however, I have found myself wanting something more akin to tabletop roleplaying games. There are many LitRPG books that do incorporate this, but I feel not to the full extent that a true fan would appreciate with the minute and finer detail,” said Amelia. “Not only that, but as an avid gamer of games like Final Fantasy, Shadow of the Colossus, Dragon Dogma, Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter, Dauntless, World of Warcraft, Pokemon etc. I wanted to bring the excitement of an enormous combat scenario taking place in huge sprawling locations to the market. To me reading is all about the experience and with LitRPGs it is like a game where it’s all about the player’s user experience. Also with virtual reality (VR) being a common trope, I wanted to incorporate one of the greatest things that VR provides which is the awe with the immersion of the immense sense of scale the player is presented with. When you put a headset on and have to look up at a huge beast like a Kaiju, Dinosaur or Dragon etc. walking above you, almost trampling you, but just missing you and  you need to look around because it’s so large you cannot see all of it at once, it’s an absolutely exhilarating experience. It’s an unforgettable moment. I’ve seen family and friends move back in the real world in an attempt to move out the way.”

Amelia concluded, “I was planning to release this book before creating the Kickstarter campaign, but for it to be truly spectacular, I feel it deserves to have an awesome cover that shows readers the main character and a look at the world and beasts of AOTB and likewise I would love to convert it into an audiobook with a narrator who is passionate about gaming and can deliver an incredible performance. So please help support this campaign in any way that you can even if it’s just by spreading the word.”

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