Blacksmith Digital Announces Partnership with Shark Tank’s DadWare

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Blacksmith Digital Announces Partnership with Shark Tank’s DadWare

August 19
07:24 2020
Blacksmith Digital Announces Partnership with Shark Tank's DadWare
In a groundbreaking announcement, Blacksmith Digital, a California based digital marketing company, announced a new partnership with DadWare. DadWare was previously seen as a contestant on the ABC TV show The Shark Tank.

Studio City, CA – August 19, 2020 – Blacksmith Digital is announcing to the public they have formed a partnership with DadWare. On the Shark Tank program, DadWare launched their specialty shirt called the Bonderoo. Because of this partnership with Blacksmith Digital, DadWare will now have a professional digital marketing company that will provide a huge array of different marketing services.

Blacksmith Digital, based in Studio City, CA, has vast experience developing digital brand awareness for companies across the USA. Services that Blacksmith Digital will provide for DadWare are brand recognition, search engine optimization, and online advertising for The Dadware Bondaroo. 

Because of DadWare’s relative newness to the marketplace, Blacksmith Digital says it will be working first on developing an awareness for the brand. Blacksmith Digital will be finding ways to get The DadWare Bondaroo brand noticed through many different avenues. This is an important step in running an e-commerce company.  

Michael Bogosian, founder, and CEO of Blacksmith Digital is the son of immigrants who started several successful businesses that still flourish. He knows from first-hand experience what needs to be done to make a company grow. After earning business degrees at Loyola, he spent time at The Plum Group, further developing his marketing skills. This background in entrepreneurship is what led him to found Blacksmith Digital. 

Blacksmith Digital is a full-stack marketing agency. The company explains that this concept means that Blacksmith is knowledgeable and experienced in the total stack of marketing techniques. Starting with a complete understanding of the fundamentals of marketing and technology, a full-stack marketing agency goes on to gather data and analyze that data. 

Content management is the next skill needed in full-stack marketing. Blacksmith Digital collects all the information that they can about the company. Then they manage that content by deciding what is most important and what will make the biggest marketing splash when released to the public. Then Blacksmith Digital takes the best content and publishes it. This publication can take place either in print or digitally or in both formats. 

This step is followed by developing a strategy. This gives Dadware a direction for their marketing. Blacksmith Digital does extensive consumer research, sets a target market audience, and follows this path to the marketing goal. 

Finally, to get all these things to work together, a full-stack agency like Blacksmith Digital must have the highest project management skills, people skills, and communication skills. Blacksmith Digital prides itself on having all these necessary skills to bring a marketing plan to a full conclusion.

About Blacksmith Digital

Blacksmith Digital, a full-stack digital marketing company, was founded by Michael Bogosian in Studio City, California. The company focuses on the growth and development of companies that provide premium goods and services.

Media Contact
Company Name: Blacksmith Digital
Contact Person: Michael Bogosian
Email: Send Email
Phone: (323) 834-8615
Address:12220 Venture Blvd. Suite A
City: Studio City
State: CA
Country: United States

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