A Sports Enthusiast And Writer, Paul Pardner Transforms Passion Into Fitness Resource With Bench-Press.Net

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A Sports Enthusiast And Writer, Paul Pardner Transforms Passion Into Fitness Resource With Bench-Press.Net

September 11
15:48 2020
Fitness lover and freelancer, Paul Pardner, shares his wealth of knowledge on Bench-Press.net, an online platform that talks about his transformation from a skinny boy to a professional sports writer.

Paul Pardner has continued to motivate millions of people in different parts of the world to achieve their fitness goals by providing them with up to date information, especially in the area of weightlifting. Over the years, the freelance journalist and Exercise Science major has shared his years of experience as a weightlifter as well as his experiments lifting weights since he was a teenager through his publications. 

Several fitness solutions and lifestyle guides have been developed over the years by different categories of people and institutions to meet the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts. Weightlifting has become increasingly popular in recent times as a major part of the fitness regime for people across the globe. However, like every other activity, improper weightlifting activities could deliver undesired results while also making it difficult to achieve one’s goal. Unfortunately, many of the available weightlifting resources available are not well-detailed, which is where Paul Pardner is looking to make a difference with Bench-Press.net.

Born in 1993, Paul Pardner is famous for his love for bench press – https://www.bench-press.net/bench-press/, a claim that has been substantiated with a series of publications on Bench-Press.net. The website currently features a wide range of information on different topics relating to endurance sports, Paul’s life experience, and how people can achieve their desired fitness goals by leveraging several lifting methods and exercises.

The categories of publications – https://www.bench-press.net/publications.html currently on the website are powerlifting and bench press. Some recent topics discussed on the website include the world record for bench press, how to increase bench press by 100lb, and the cost of a bench press. Other publications on Bench-Press.net as edited by Paul Pardner are How to bench press a person, How much does The Rock bench press?, 5 Day DUP Program: Daily Undulating Periodization, amongst others.

Paul Pardner, has been able to successfully transform his passion into a solution for millions of people in different parts of the world. He is also looking to expand the site to make it a comprehensive fitness resource for everything that relates to bench press, powerlifting, squat, and deadlift.

For more information about Paul’s works on Bench-Press.net, please visit – https://www.bench-press.net/.

About Bench Press.net

Bench Press.net was founded by a sports enthusiast and freelancer, Paul Pardner as an online fitness resource to inspire people to achieve their goals using different exercise equipment. His passion for lifting led him to study exercise science at Rutgers University. Paul aims to promote all things powerlifting, bench press, and anything else in-between, sharing his decades of weightlifting and healthy life experience with users of the platform.

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Country: United States
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