Asif Ali Gohar Creates a Modernized Variety of Roses in Pakistan

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Asif Ali Gohar Creates a Modernized Variety of Roses in Pakistan

November 07
01:09 2020

Born in 1980, Asif Ali Gohar is one of the most celebrated rose growers in Pakistan today. The father of two successfully runs his family business of a floral shop in his home city of Lahore, Pakistan. You will usually find a long queue outside the flower shop as Asif Ali Gohar continues to grow in popularity. A revolutionary occurrence has taken place in Pakistan as Asif Ali Gohar positively introduced a novel typology of roses. His expertise is derived from his decade-long involvement in the development side of the floral family business.

The Gohar rose is Asif Ali Gohar’s latest innovation. Gardeners across the nation have attempted to replicate the Gohar rose but have failed to do so. It took Asif Ali Gohar several years with multiple rounds of trials and errors to perfect his creation. His passion directed him to produce something extraordinary for Pakistan. With the Gohar rose, he has certainly pushed his boundaries to incredible limits. Asif Ali Gohar consistently experimented with various combinations of roses until he was satisfied with the exquisite results.

The new floribunda rose variety is a crossbreed between the Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora. The excitement of Asif’s clients was astounding, he did not anticipate the immense demand of the Gohar rose. Rose enthusiasts of Pakistan love the creation of a stunning new rose. It makes them particularly excited knowing that the source of the creation is from their own homeland.

The overall look of the Gohar rose is striking. To exemplify, the Gohar rose’s petals are far more vibrant compared to conventional roses. Its long stems, vast leaves, and full blossom make it a local favorite amongst residents of Lahore.

While the Gohar rose’s flowering period is ideally until late autumn, it is quite easy to maintain the flower once it is placed in one’s home garden, or even inside the household. It only requires to be watered once a day and stays in bloom for a longer period. Its soil requires minimum regular maintenance. It is also larger and is not as fragrant as your typical rose. In this way, it can be easily differentiated due to its unique identity. Customers of the floral shop shared that having a Gohar rose in a home these days is similar to having orchids. They receive plenty of compliments from their guests that the new rose provides a sense of beauty and luxury.

Asif Ali Gohar is proud of his creation and does not want the Gohar rose to not reach certain customers due to its growing demand and inaccessibility. He has ensured the new rose is fairly priced. In addition, partnerships in terms of nationwide distribution is currently in place. While the global rollout will only begin the following year. Distributors from across the world have already contacted Asif regarding the procedure to guarantee that they are onboard.

After witnessing the positive response towards the Gohar rose, Asif Ali Gohar was inspired to proceed with his next project. A crossbreed of tulips is now in the works. His goal includes to achieve a new Fosteriana variety of tulips. Similar to the Gohar rose, it is said to take several years for completion. Asif Ali Gohar has shared that tulips are much more challenging to crossbreed, but he is more than willing to dedicate his time in order to put Pakistan on the world map of the floral industry once again. Asif Ali Gohar is truly one of a kind and will continue to amaze the world with his novel creations.

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