As a New Direction of Chip Industry, Tesla, Facebook, and WIMI Launches Hologram AR + Chip Strategies

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As a New Direction of Chip Industry, Tesla, Facebook, and WIMI Launches Hologram AR + Chip Strategies

November 13
07:39 2020

Hong Kong – Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “As a New Direction of Chip Industry, Tesla, Facebook, and WIMI Launches Hologram AR + Chip Strategies”. In the past six months, there has been an obvious trend in the AI industry, that is, giants in all walks of life have started to make AI chips. The reason why so many tech giants are building AI chips is exactly the characteristic of AI in the early stages of the revolution, and different industries are looking for different solutions.

As the application scenarios of device-side reasoning become more diversified, the demands of devices such as smartphones, smart cameras, and voice interaction become more and more abundant, and require embedded solutions with customized, low power consumption, and low cost. AI startups and traditional industry giants have begun to improve their competitiveness by creating dedicated AI chips.

The AI chip is a key component of the autonomous driving computing platform. As it is related to personal safety, compared with other AI chips, the autonomous driving AI chip has a lower fault tolerance rate and is more difficult to develop.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the super online celebrity in the field of autonomous driving, has always taken an unusual path. Musk announced on August 2 that Tesla is developing its own AI self-driving chip called the Hardware 3. It is said that this chip has been preparing for two to three years and will be used in all of Tesla’s electric vehicles, which can improve the performance of Tesla vehicles up to five to 20 times. The cost of tesla’s self-developed chips is similar to that of the chips currently used. Previously, Tesla’s cars have mainly used Nvidia’s chips, but Musk said that Tesla’s self-developed chips did not blindly rely on chip manufactures like Nvidia. The tech giants are not idle. In addition to Google and Microsoft’s ongoing chip updates, Facebook has also stepped into the battlefield of AI chip. VR/AR has been a core business for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, has said he will create a “boundless” world through a vast online network, breaking down the boundaries between reality and virtuality.

WIMI Hologram Cloud has created the third generation of 6D light field holographic technology products. Meanwhile, its commercial application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, including performing arts system, home entertainment, light field cinema, commercial release system, and advertising display system.

WIMI has always maintained its industry-leading advantage in the field of the 3D vision algorithm, and the chip needs years of advanced judgment to allow this advantage to survive. Recently WIMI Hologram expanded into the chip field. With the increasing demand for holographic 3D vision-related semiconductor application solutions, WIMI will combine the holographic 3D vision market application demand scenes to provide corresponding semiconductor solutions to meet the market needs, and finally achieve the purpose of promoting the application and popularization of holographic 3D vision technology in the semiconductor industry.

However, traditional industry companies usually have deeper industry accumulation and industry resources than AI startups. Moreover, long-term exploration in traditional industries can also help support the high costs of long-term chip research and development. However, AI startups have advantages in how to strengthen AI capability. Based on the accumulation of AI technology, they are more likely to know how to better match the computing power with the algorithms. The participation of several industry giants has made the AI chip market hotter, and the rise of new and old AI chip forces has also brought more possibilities to this field.

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