Discusses How Fashion Has Changed Women’s Streetwear During The Pandemic

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November 23
19:54 2020 Discusses How Fashion Has Changed Women's Streetwear During The Pandemic

In today’s pandemic world, the idea of business dress and even business casual has gone out the window. Instead, it has become the norm to go “at home casual.” Now, what that means exactly is in the eyes and creativity of the beholder. Still, women’s streetwear is the up-and-coming bestseller in the marketplace, with the ability to wear it anytime, day or night. Gone are the days of high heels and business suits, and in its stead are khakis, crocks, and anything that makes one look good from the waist up!

Recent marketplace statistics back these claims, with the first full month of the pandemic showing clothing sales fall nearly 80%, but tracksuit purchases up 70% and sweat pants up 80%. In fact, big-name stores report an increase in sales of shirts, but not of work attire below the waist. The following article will discuss some of the biggest fashion trends hitting the stores, both online and brick and mortar. 

False Eyelashes

With the boom of video conferencing and the definite necessity of masks, women are looking for ways to show off their looks in more creative ways. Thus, the rise of eyelashes has hit the nation. According to, what was once a special occasion look has now become a necessity for everyday wear. From synthetic forms for the newbie to the matte lash that looks good on camera, women have an assortment from which to choose so as to bat their eyes over the cumbersome, face hiding masks. 


A style of casual clothing dating back to the 90s, streetwear encompasses the East Coast’s hip hop fashion and California surfing/skating culture. Wearers will find elements of traditional sports clothing, punk, and Japanese influence. Today’s consumers are so big on this trendy new version, even the British Start-up, Heat, Lures Luxury Fashion Into the Mystery Box Game, selling boxes of previously unseen clothing to consumers around the world. With shopping so challenging to do these days, it’s an excellent way to obtain the latest fashions such as Lychee the Label and other big names. Consumers can simply go now to the website and put in an order. 


Pajamas are the new business ware according to fashion experts. In fact, pajama pants and loungewear have spiked in sales as the business force continues to work from home. Retail sales of pajamas increased by 143% in recent months, the highest spike in clothing since records have been kept. According to fashion insiders, the general populace feels like they’re getting away with something by earning money all the while still in their comfy pj’s. Even those reporting into work via video conference can take advantage of the comfortable pants as only the top is seen on camera. Furthermore, pants without elastic and even bras are now seen as so last year. 

So, this is for those that are resorting to comfortable wear, elasticized clothing, or street smart shirts to top off pj’s. All across the globe, males and females alike are embracing these new trends that very well may be here to last. 

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