Gilmedia Introducing 3 Marketing Trends for 2021

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Gilmedia Introducing 3 Marketing Trends for 2021

January 12
20:33 2021
Gilmedia Introducing 3 Marketing Trends for 2021

It’s no surprise that 2020 was a struggle-filled year for almost all businesses. With 2021 finally here, everyone has a chance to bounce back or at the very least improve where they stand compared to their competitors. As the top digital marketing firm based in Toronto, Gilmediawants to introduce the top three marketing trends worth noting for this year: e-commerce growth, influencer marketing, and hyper-automation.

Growth of e-Commerce

The most obvious outcome following the global pandemic is that businesses had to shift online because in-person shopping was no longer an optimal, or even feasible, option. What started as an unfortunate consequence is actually turning into a profitable business for more. By moving the business online, business owners open up to new opportunities.

Digitizing the business allows business owners to stay in touch with the consumers, enhancing their experience, as well as providing them excellent customer support.

Hyper-automated Advertising

Businesses that relied on manual entry to create relevant ads will no longer have to work as hard as they used to. Customer relationship management platforms, search engines – basically anything marketing and advertising related – is being optimized by automation. In fact, automation has been on a steady growth for a number of years – however, with more businesses shifting online, hyper-automation is inevitable.

Consider the Google Ads platform. Google Ads has incorporated several additional features that allow businesses to automate the process of ad creation. Take Response Search Ads for example. All business owners need to do here is to create one ad with multiple headlines and descriptions, and through the use of AI and machine learning, the searcher will be presented with the most relevant ad. This could lead to more traffic for the page, as well as possible conversions.

The technology may not be perfect yet, but with the global focus shifting to online marketing and advertising and efficiency being key to achieving results – hyper-automation is the logical next step.

Influencer Marketing

This trend has been on a steady incline as well. Research shows that consumers are more likely to engage in user-generated content. Influencer-generated content actually bodes better because they already have a following. So whatever it is they promote will either peak the interest of their followers, or lead their followers to the page/website. Since micro and nano influencers (those with 25k followers or less) have the highest engagement rates – these are the individuals business owners need to reach out to.

Connecting with marketing specialists at Gilmedia this year will be a beneficial move for any SEO Toronto projects. They have the knowledge, skills and experience required to help grow any business. Those experts can be reached at (647) 478-5858.

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