Powerhouse Entrepreneur Eunice Smith Demolishes Gaps and Diversifies the Film Industry

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Powerhouse Entrepreneur Eunice Smith Demolishes Gaps and Diversifies the Film Industry

January 18
23:00 2021
Powerhouse Entrepreneur Eunice Smith Demolishes Gaps and Diversifies the Film Industry

It takes hundreds of people to break down walls completely and permanently flip an industry’s script for the better – it takes only one, however, to challenge it. For aspiring black creatives worldwide, that person is Eunice N. Smith.

Determined to see much-needed and long overdue changes in the film industry, entrepreneur and creative Eunice Smith dedicates her career to equipping writers with the tools they need to break into the entertainment business cleanly.

These tools were developed in the 20 accomplished years that Eunice has spent transforming large corporations and creating opportunities for teams as a performance coach and a champion of change for Fortune 500 organizations.

Passionate to flip the script, the dynamic entrepreneur is investing her unassailable background in software process engineering as a lean six sigma professional and change management expert in developing programs and opportunities that challenge the current atmosphere.

“My work and mission is about unapologetically kicking down the doors and abolishing barriers for aspiring black screenwriters,” she states.

A woman on a mission, the multi-faceted entrepreneur and screenwriter, is also the brilliant mind behind the programming and execution of the prized “Flip The Script Filmmaking Competition™” and “The WordSmith Writer’s Lab™ home of the flagship 14-Day Screenplay Challenge™.”


Her work in both self-funded ventures has proven phenomenal and imperative in providing the necessary education, tools, and resources for aspiring screenwriters. In “Flip The Script Filmmaking Competition™” alone, the creative businesswoman has introduced writers to the world of cinema – helping them develop, produce, and direct short films in a mere 15 days. 

Holding the wheel to the world’s first-ever rapid-production virtual filmmaking competition, Eunice N. Smith is responsible for transforming screenwriters into successful filmmakers and demystifying complex topics while easing the disparity for black creatives. 

Eunice has made big waves across the country by committing both time and money to her game-changing screenwriting programs. Her admirable devotion to level the playing field and heavy involvement in the film industry has inspired positive changes in the business.

However, there is still work to do, and Eunice Smith is exactly the person for the task. As the co-founder of Script to Silver Screen™, an initiative that helps screenwriters carve their path in the industry with an annual Script to Pitch™ competition, the innovative entrepreneur connects screenwriters to producers and talent management resources. 

Furthering her impact, Eunice Smith is also a film production COVID Compliance Coordinator, children’s book author, celebrated writer of Chicago-based film and television scripts, and is the co-creator of numerous television series plots.

As the executive producer of all the groundbreaking initiatives she has crafted, Eunice has internalized her responsibility to provide unique opportunities, break down barriers, and unite creatives across disciplines. 

Joining her to advocate for inclusion are mission-aligned organizations and nonprofits such as The Chicago South Side Film Festival and Free Spirit, where she contributes as a mentor, speaker, and initiative organizer. 

Challenging existing gaps, let alone demolishing them, is not an easy feat. Learn how Eunice Smith does it by following the inspirational powerhouse on Instagram and Facebook. Stay updated on her fight to diversify the film industry through innovative screenwriting programs. Her venture, The WordSmith Writer’s Lab™, is available on Instagram and Facebook.

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