Ron Wright Combines Old-School Rock With New-Age Themes In ‘Cryptocurrency’

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Ron Wright Combines Old-School Rock With New-Age Themes In ‘Cryptocurrency’

January 22
03:36 2021

Ron Wright frolics through the most classic rock sounds in his single ‘Cryptocurrency.’ It may be a niche topic that’ll take a while to unpack, but make no mistakes: this is a devilish escapade for the hard rock lovers. The piece begins with a snazzy guitar chord winding down to Ron Wright’s kinetic, albeit slightly muffles, vocals cracking through the enticing instrumentation. Being a guitar specialist through and through, the listener should brace for the compelling guitar hooks that’ll keep spluttering through the composition. 

With guitar solo upon solo upon solo, the listener may as well get transported to a dingy sports bar circa 1977 — the tune has all the necessary elements to build such a distinctive atmosphere. The song may be titled on a digital form of currency, one that’s gained quite the dismissive, humorous reputation in recent times, but the ethos behind its dynamics remains the same. It’s about placing bets, doubling down, and expecting the unexpected, as is the case with gambling. Wright does an excellent job of tying those themes together and wrapping them up in a spectacular rambunctious fashion, harking back to the age-old rock ‘n roll era. 

Ron Wright is the lead guitarist for the California band ‘Chile Colorado.’ The Monterey, California-based artist has brought together some of the most legendary rockstars, namely artists from KISS, Van Morrison, TOTO, and more in his latest collection, “Ron Wright & Special Guests.” The 18-song album is bound to be absolutely electric, owing to its rock pedigree, and it’s a beautiful journey through memory lane for old school rock fans. 

Wright’s own credentials as an artist aren’t half-bad, either. He’s been a music performer, engineer, and producer, and has performed extensively over television and concert specials. Fans of Eddie Van Halen, ZZ Top, Mountain, Cream, and Jimi Hendrix will be delighted by Wright’s latest collection. ‘Cryptocurrency’ is a complex tune composed of multiple guitar and drum tracks, but Ron Wright himself handled the brunt of the production. 

Speaking about the single, he said, “performed the vocals, guitar, bass, and programmed live stems drum tracks. I composed, produced, recorded, mixed & mastered “Cryptocurrency” just a few months ago.”

Listen on Spotify here.

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