Lupon Media is the innovative publisher monetization platform that every website requires

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Lupon Media is the innovative publisher monetization platform that every website requires

February 10
20:51 2021
Businesses looking for website monetization platform can now visit Lupon Media to get the services their business deserves.

Dubai, UAE – Lupon Media has been in the market for more than a decade now and is known for being the most useful website monetization platform in the digital world. With the network spread in several European countries, this Dubai based advertising company is dedicated towards making monetization easy for website owners.

To do so, one of the services that Lupon Media provides is header bidding. For people new in this field, header bidding is a process that allows website owners to have multiple advertisers bid for inventory space on their website at the same time so that they could select the one with highest returns. It is a system which replaced the former waterfall system in which a publisher could only view bids one after another and as soon as they would receive a bid which is above their expected range, the process would end then and there. The waterfall system had limitations as it didn’t ensure that the winning bid is the highest paying advertiser. In contrast to that, header bidding allows website owners to evaluate multiple advertisers at the same time so that they can select the one which will help maximize their profits.

While explaining the concept of their services better, a Lupon Media representative stated that: “If you want to monetize your website rapidly and efficiently, then this alternative is the best option to pick. It helps to maximize your revenue as it increases billions of monthly impressions.  Every potential buyer gain access to your non-guaranteed ad space and competes in real time for each impression. We are header bidding experts. We help you to monetize your website through our AdX premium platform.”

Since they have been in business for over 10 years now, they have contacts with various DSP providers which increases monetization by helping website owners get high prices for inventory spaces. The strongest point about this agency is its transparency. They share all the Strategies for Website Monetization with their customers so that the advertisements are not just well-paying, but also relatable with respect to the website. There are various parameters on which publishers can judge the bid and they also get a chance to select the ad format. From display and video to native, publishers can select the ad format themselves.

The process is also made easy as the owners believe in simplicity and making things easier for their customers. Once website owners register themselves and the procedure begins, they also receive real-time reports to stay updated.

All in all, Lupon Media work towards providing website owners with better ROI (Return on Investment) by presenting a wide range of advertisers from around the globe that can benefit their businesses.

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