Fulfilling the Entrepreneurship Dreams – Hamiz Khan

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Fulfilling the Entrepreneurship Dreams – Hamiz Khan

April 19
11:26 2021
Greatness is a virtue that is inherent in man. But the inner struggle to conclude simple tasks can sometimes be daunting for anyone

Stories abound of individuals who went from being almost homeless to netting a bank balance in the hundreds of millions, university dropout-turned-software giant and entrepreneurs who started clueless but became the best in their field.

Few people have broken the limits, transforming their lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary. One of such is Hamiz Khan. Born into a relatively low income household, where money was always an issue and seeing his parents struggle day and night, 7 days a week to make ends meet, lit a fire to succeed in him. Since his young age at 3rd grade when his mother gifted him a laptop, his curiosity to explore and succeed has had no bounds. Of course he failed, lost millions of dollars but that did not stop him. Instead it pushed him to becoming greater at what he does.

Though a very brilliant child, he dropped out of high school to concentrate on his first successful business. Relying on the Internet, he taught himself how to code and spent the last year at high school studying business and marketing. He started dropshopping on Ebay at age 13, making over $3000 in profit weekly. By age 15 he started his own brand. He dropshipped/White labeled on shopify, designing his own brand and website and made about $2000 daily. An avid reader, Hamiz continues to read and sharpen his skills. By the age of 19, he started his 7 figure brand and had done around $4m in sales by age of 22.

Some of the brands he started include; Kickked, The Herff, OutfitAddicts, Kaseify, KickLabs.

Hamiz, who has reached over 25 million people with his brands, now have multiple staff and a whole team that backs up his business.

His life remains an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs. He had risked it all and at a time lost it all. It took him a period of 7 years to get back on his feet and start making money again. His life has been that of persistence and never settling for a ‘no’. His brands Kickked, The Herff, OutfitAddicts, Kashif and KickLabs resonate the can do spirit of successful entrepreneurs.

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Contact Person: Hamiz Khan
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Country: United States
Website: www.KickLabs.co

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