The Data Transformation Trilogy Part 1 – Dr. Paul Bailo Offers His Views on Leadership and C-Level Talent in the Latest Episode of ‘The Digital Transformation Insight’

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The Data Transformation Trilogy Part 1 – Dr. Paul Bailo Offers His Views on Leadership and C-Level Talent in the Latest Episode of ‘The Digital Transformation Insight’

April 22
21:24 2021
The Digital Insight Brings The Latest Podcast – The Data Transformation Trilogy Part 1 – where Dr. Paul Bailo, Digital Transformation Executive, shares his views on Leadership and C-Level Talent.

The Digital Insights has shared the views of Dr. Paul Bailo in its latest episode of The Digital Transformation Insight Podcast – The Digital Transformation Trilogy Part 1. The platform brings to its viewers the views and insights of the leading Digital Transformation Executive on Leadership and C-Level Talent.

Here is the shorter audio version of the podcast:

According to Dr. Paul Bailo, organizations exist because they generate revenue. They have a commitment to the community, but the job of all companies is to make money. Companies must realize and accept that times are changing and change must happen. They need an open mind to be aware of the changes happening around them and build commitment and awareness for change. 

Digital transformation begins with identifying the talent that can make it happen. Talent is the most critical asset of any organization. People are undoubtedly the most valuable strength of any organization and must be nurtured and pushed towards accepting changes. 

According to Dr. Bailo, digital transformation cannot come only from the efforts of the management. The company and the employees must be in the game of data transformation together. On their part, employees must ignite their creative side, keep thinking and pushing their mental intellect, and learn new skills and processes to be in the game. 

Employees must ask themselves if they have the right talent, an analytical mindset, the ability to understand algorithms, and know Machine Learning – which will be the basis of the functioning of any organization in the future. If they don’t have any of these, they must pick up these skills by joining the right programs instead of just giving up. This will help them become a valuable asset to the organization, says Dr. Bailo.

The digital transformation expert states that the world is changing, and hence people must also change. Organizations of the future require high-quality and highly talented employees. That’s why employees must remain committed to learning the needed skills and becoming experts in areas in which they can add value to their organization.

To the question – why talent is not grabbing attention when it comes to data transformation, Dr. Bailo replies that an organization needs really good leaders who can lead and transform people. They are the ones with the responsibility of recognizing and nurturing potential talent within the organization and encouraging them to accept the transformation.

“The real good leaders are those who recognize good people and talent and allow them to innovate,” he adds.

Dr. Bailo opines employees should realize that they have to contribute to the revenue of the company by being of more value than what it paid them for. Organizations must also support those who create more value for them with their skills and innovation. They need the best ones to help overcome tough times and challenges. Simply firing people because they fail to deliver or cutting costs is not a good move. Employees must be encouraged to be a part of the money-making process so that they can deliver the value expected of them and more.

Dr. Bailo admits that change is painful and not everyone can survive the changes. Most organizations fail because they don’t try to understand the future and have proper plans in place to react to it. If organizations turn a blind eye and choose not to see what’s coming, they are not going to survive.

Dr. Bailo believes that it is important to become smart, look at the future, and make changes even if everything is going right at present and they are making lots of money. He says that what got them here will get them there too.

Dr. Paul Bailo advocates an open and supportive culture in organizations and believes it to be vital for the success of an organization in a competitive marketplace. Organizations must support employees all the way and set an example for the others.  

Companies must create a culture in which employees can communicate their needs freely.

Dr. Bailo states very accurately that the new generation moves very quickly and is always looking to do something cool and interesting. Companies must support them and encourage them to perform better. 

Dr. Paul Bailo strongly recommends that companies must search for the truth and find out what’s working for them and what’s not. Those at the helm must find the reasons for some people leaving and others staying put. These reasons can help them manage their organization better. 

About Dr. Paul J. Bailo:

Paul Bailo is widely recognized by industry thought leaders for his C-level executive skills in Digital Transformation, Marketing, and Business Operations. His expertise in digital transformation, digital communications, emerging payments, operational excellence, data-driven decision-making, and ongoing product innovation is unparalleled.

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