An Important Role Of Metal Molybdenum Mo Powder

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An Important Role Of Metal Molybdenum Mo Powder

May 28
16:54 2021
An Important Role Of Metal Molybdenum Mo Powder

Metal Molybdenum powder, Mo nanoparticles, as an important rare metal plays a key important role in the fields of metal smelting, detection, aerospace, medicine, agriculture, catalysts, and ceramics.

Firstly, application in steel.

The main purpose is the production of various types of molybdenum steels and alloys. Join in structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, tool steel, stainless steel and a series of magnets and molybdenum (major additions to molybdenum iron, molybdenum oxide and molybdenum calcium form), which can significantly improve the performance of steel. Mo can improve the hardenability, toughness and heat resistance, prevent temper brittleness. At room temperature and high temperature strength and remanence and coercivity molybdenum can be improved to some extent after the solid solution hardening. Molybdenum steel is generally temperature and high temperature have high strength and good creep resistance, and easily subjected to heat treatment. Molybdenum steel can improve on some medium corrosion resistance, so as to not produce pitting. Adding Molybdenum to the cast iron can enhance strength and wear resistance.

Secondly, application of non-ferrous alloys. Mo can improve the heat resistance of non-ferrous alloys and corrosion resistance, non-ferrous metal alloy is an important element. In non-ferrous alloy, molybdenum and nickel, cobalt, niobium, aluminum, titanium and other metals and various alloys. These molybdenum alloys in the electronics, electrical, industrial and mechanical industry, used to make light bulb filaments and tubes parts; also be used to manufacture magnetic electrical contacts, gas engine blades, valves and electric resistance of protective devices and other parts.

Thirdly, in Metal Processing Applications. Molybdenum and alloys can be used as a metal fabrication processing all types of mold, mold cores, piercing rod, tool holder and chill plate. Metal cutting tools made of molybdenum metal processing can improve processing speed and feed rate, reduce wear and deformation of the metal workpiece, which can prolong the life of the workpiece. In addition, it also can be processed large-sized parts with this tool and can improve the accuracy of the workpiece.

With the rapid development of science and technology, more stringent requirements have challenged a variety of materials and various different properties of materials to develop constantly. Molybdenum is with its unique performance, so it is believed that the application will be more extensive, and a variety of the new features will continue to be created. Molybdenum is a non-renewable resource, there will always be exhausted one day, so we should cherish, and have a deeper understanding of wider research to make molybdenum play a greater role in modern society.

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