Singer, songwriter, and activist Steve Ryan bats for the passage of a consumer-friendly law tackling medical debt

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Singer, songwriter, and activist Steve Ryan bats for the passage of a consumer-friendly law tackling medical debt

June 23
17:51 2021

Singer, songwriter, and activist Steve Ryan leads the charge in the call for the passage of a consumer-friendly law that will stop medical collections from being garnished from people’s wages and stop it from reporting to people’s credit reports.  

“Why should people have to choose between going to the doctor and being concerned about if they can afford it? Why should people have to be concerned about medical bills hitting their credit reports? It’s hard enough for people to survive financially day-to-day. And when unexpected health issues arise, the last thing on someone’s mind should be their medical bills.  Medical bills are one of the top reasons for bankruptcy in our country.” Steve explains. 

He says it hurts to hear that people will think twice about riding in an ambulance if they need medical attention because they worry about a bill later. 

“Medical bills that turn into collections that get placed on the credit can impact someone getting a job, buying a home, car, or anything else that’s needed. It’s not fair, and it’s not right,” Steve explains. 

‘I AM Strong’ Challenge

Steve’s drive to bring about change also brought him to launch the “I AM Strong” challenge, a campaign he created to counteract all of the negative energy around the world and spread positivity,

“This challenge is about challenging ourselves to know and believe that we are strong mentally, emotionally, and in all other ways. We will not be put down, made to feel low, or made to feel less than, regardless of gender, sexuality, income level, or any other factor,” Steve says.

Steve Ryan and his team will randomly pick people throughout the challenge and send them free “I AM Strong” merch. Steve is covering everything, including shipping. 

Those selected to receive free merch would need to take a picture or video about the challenge.

“You can make the video simple or fun. Dance in it, talk in it, or whatever you want to do. Look in the mirror and say, “I AM Strong,” Steve tells participants.

The challenge has also lead Steve Ryan to create a community called The I Am Strong Community at

Aside from being a singer, songwriter, and activist, Steve is also an entrepreneur, poet, author, actor and motivational speaker. 

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