Vikash Jha: the Must-Watch Abstract Expressionist

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Vikash Jha: the Must-Watch Abstract Expressionist

August 03
22:48 2021
Vikash Jha: the Must-Watch Abstract Expressionist

An artist’s venture into the creative realm is often fueled by more than just an interest. While it may start as an attempt to assuage their curiosity and feed the hunger for self-expression, it eventually transforms into an overarching purpose, one that would color all future decisions in a certain hue. For Vikash Jha, a must-watch force dedicated to pushing the boundaries of abstract art, his immersion into the world of contemporary abstract expressionism was triggered not only by his commitment to showcasing his understanding and appreciation of transcendental visual expressions but also by the clear-cut vision of integrating it with western experientialism and leaving a lasting impact. 

This Indian-American contemporary artist is best known for his brilliant use of color, cross-cultural imagery, and multilayered painting techniques. But beyond his impressive mastery of the craft, it is his ability to transport viewers into a place of contemplation and meditation and evoke feelings of joy, exuberance, and awe that sets him apart from other contemporaries. Vikash Jha, whose works have been compared by his collectors and critics as that of a combination of Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and Robert Rauschenberg, is exploding into the art scene and establishing his place due to his own distinctive style and, in the years to come is bound to evolve into a global household name. 

Vikash Jha is a fascinating amalgamation of passion, talent, and ambition. From the beginning, this Wall Street Executive with Post-MBA course studies from Harvard Business School and MIT, has demonstrated his multifacetedness, complexities and higher purpose through art. Given his deep connection with art since his early childhood, he often surprises people with his diverse background in finance, management consulting and art. But, upon looking into the path—non-conforming and marked with relentless pursuits—that is bound to lead him to the heights of professional artistic success, the mystery becomes much less so. His opposing intricacies can also be explained by including into the equation his exposure to both Western and Eastern cultures and his appreciation for both the realms. He cherishes the opportunities and balance that working and living in and near New York City, the melting pot of so many world cultures has afforded him. 

Over my formative years, my close first-hand experiences with both western and eastern cultures gave me the understanding and appreciation of bold expressionist techniques of many western greats as well as transcendental visual expressions of many renowned Indian modernists,” he explained. 

Since 2017, Vikash Jha has steadily climbed some of the most highly regarded exhibitions and private global placements. So far, his works have taken center stage at several juried shows in New York City organized by MvVO Art at Sotheby’s Fine Art auction house and Oculus at the World Trade Center as well as his works have been shown at numerous other NYC galleries and venues. 

Vikash recently won a draw hosted by Penguin Random House and was awarded a review by the New York Magazine’s Senior Art Critic and author of, ‘How to Be an Artist’, Jerry Saltz. The noted Pulitzer-prize winning critic said of Vikash’s work: “You know a fair amount about art. Great sense of color… internal light. Gets viewers engaged from far and… then draws them in… by working back the details. This is important… I think that if this is the least representative of your works, you are in great shape.”

“Vikash is an extraordinary talent and the perfect choice for the first solo show in our virtual gallery space. His art is inspirational and so is his optimism and dedication to seeking out and seizing opportunities to grow his art career. He has great potential and the heart to find an audience for his work.” Maria van Vlodrop, Founder CEO of MvVO ART.

New York City based, MvVO Art Gallery is presenting over twenty works of Vikash Jha, curated from his portfolio developed over the last four years, for its ‘first solo show on Artsy (the online art auction site)’. This show titled “Voyages of Reflections” is scheduled between August 2-8, 2021 reflects the artist’s deep cross-cultural influences and journeys so far.

As Vikash Jha continues to make bold moves closer to the forefront of the art scene, he aims to strive to do so while guided by an all-encompassing philosophy. “Art is my Nirvana!” he shared. “I believe it could be the same for each one of us, guiding us through life’s crests and troughs. My happy place is a creatively engaged mind with thoughts about the interplay of colors, mediums, messages, and emotions.”

Learn more about Vikash Jha by visiting his website.

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