IPFS the latest landing application – Loongbox test version is officially launched

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IPFS the latest landing application – Loongbox test version is officially launched

September 16
19:09 2021

New York – IPFS the latest landing application – Loongbox test version is officially launched,Today the Internet environment is becoming a more and more closed “data tower”, and Web3.0 can achieve decentralization, and make the Internet free exchange square “data”, Web3.0 is not a battle, a watershed event that symbol of the great moments, but it is a long and arduous process,  In such an important era, blockchain and distributed storage cannot be absent, Loongbox will take every user to deal with the iteration of the world.


About Loongbox

Loongbox is a safe and reliable storage tool created by Stariver Technology Co., LTD. It is a decentralized distributed storage system based on the concept of block chain; It can break through the limitation of central network bandwidth, reduce latency, improve speed, permanently retain network data, and provide unlimited storage space, mass resource sharing, cross-border high-speed transmission, instant messaging and other functions, realizing free sharing while fully protecting user privacy.

Loongboxs main functions

Instant messaging is based on P2P protocol and decentralized technology, which is a completely private communication feature that makes communication easier and more secure.

Resource sharing is to provide users with a peaceful and real information sharing, easy access to the latest global information function, so that each sharing becomes more meaningful.

Private clouds ensure data security by fully decentralizing IPFS and supporting anonymous storage.  At the same time, Loongbox provides a variety of encryption methods to encrypt and save the source file, the user’s data is more secure.

Speed upload and download also utilizes the altruistic framework of IPFS, enabling each node to promote the speed and fault tolerance of the entire network. As more and more people join, the speed of the network will become faster and faster, so Loongbox upload and download speed will be greatly improved.

Identity authentication is an identification system based on block chain concept, in this system, It doesn’t require you to provide any real information, So every user don’t have to worry about information being leaked, let alone being sold, but the only requirement is that, for the users needs to properly keep own private key, because this will be the only key to about user identity in the world.

Why choose Loongbox 

Loongbox uses decentralized encryption and distributed storage technology, so every user can obtain the permission of anonymous private cloud storage, and user privacy security is their most concern, every user can get the latest news from all over the world and the wonderful life shared by distant strangers. Of course, in order to let users have a better use experience, they provide free unlimited storage space and high-speed upload and download, users also can enjoy the pure experience without advertising interference.  Each user will really have the right to control privacy information, during the use of Loongbox does not need to provide any identity information, and the world’s only private key in the hands of users , that sounds really great! 

The joining of Loongbox will convey such a signal to the world, that is, IPFS distributed storage will attract new foothold, and is expected to set off a large-scale application landing trend.

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