Time-honored Longqingxiang Unveils 2023 Collection

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Time-honored Longqingxiang Unveils 2023 Collection

August 10
17:18 2022

On August 7, 2022, Flourish “Inheritance – Enlightenment” – 2023 fashion trend and customization new product conference launched through the form of cloud release, with the unique charm of five hundred years of precious skill inheritance, blowing the “new trumpet” of ethnic clothing customization in the new era. At the same time, it is also the first ethnic clothing customization brand to be on the Great Wall.

Under the starry river and on top of the majestic dragon, 52 models – 52 Chinese faces – slowly walked down the majestic and winding ancient Great Wall by the beacon, and 80 sets of looks were presented one after another, painting the ancient brick wall with a new layer of national culture.

A Hundred Years of Heritage Discovering the New Potential of Ethnic Clothing Customization Brand

The runway of Flourish “Inheritance – Enlightenment” – fashion trend and customization new product conference was set between two beacon towers with a total length of more than 80 meters, and the projection of Flourish brand logo and the imposing ancient city wall complemented each other; the blue spotlights waving on both sides of the catwalk added a touch of mystery to the scene.

The inspiration of the theme of the conference, “Inheritance-Enlightenment”, comes from the inheritance and persistence of the brand’s 500-year-old skills, and the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of perfection, the pursuit and belief in the ultimate customization of national clothing. The new products of this conference also closely follow the theme connotation and brand philosophy of “Inheritance-Enlightenment”, and are divided into three series: “Classic”, “Inheritance” and “Enlightenment”.

In terms of color selection, the “Classic” series is in earth color, the “Inheritance” series is in Chinese red, and the “Kai” series is in blue and gray. The three thematic series are all guided by faith, and through the concepts of “the bird transmits the book”, “Chinese aesthetics” and “everything is connected”, the stories of “faith” and “trust” are used to give the new products an inherent and majestic new vitality.

In terms of fabric, pure wool, silk wool blend, worsted wool, pure cashmere, facecloth, albacore and other fabrics are chosen, which are dense and soft, loose and skin-friendly; as for the design of the pattern, it closely follows the design language of the theme of autumn and winter, with the cage of the front sleeve under the broken seam and the formation of the cloak shape, special continuous sleeve splicing sleeve type, the design of the sleeve elbow patch, the wrap-type right stand-up collar, and the decorative papa strip at the chest, the extension of the decorative scarf strip at the collar and other asymmetrical designs, sometimes loose and elegant, sometimes hard and dashing, the atmosphere is calm and dynamic, presenting the changing posture and charm of clothing customization, interpreting the “fashionable” sense of Chinese traditional culture in clothing customization.

In the design of details, the plum blossoms blooming on the back of the front body, the radioactive embroidery on the face of the collar and cranes passing letters; the classic phoenix and peony on the two sleeves, etc., using the back pattern and the square victory pattern embroidery to integrate these classic and atmospheric Chinese traditional elements into the design of the garment, showing the perfect combination of Chinese traditional culture and the brand’s special craftsmanship, giving the garment a timeless value that can stand the test of fashion trends and time. 

By combining traditional Chinese culture with modern clothing design, the brand presents a new fashion design language and a new visual outlook for custom-made clothing in the new era, with every detail stemming from Flourish’s unique and profound understanding of traditional Chinese culture, and every aspect reflecting Flourish’s dedication. To draw nutrients from traditional Chinese culture to inject new vitality into modern fashion design; to use modern fashion design as a carrier to make traditional Chinese culture blossom in a new era.

Pioneering and Innovation Exploring the New Vitality of Ethnic Clothing Customization Brand

Clothing customization, most people’s first impression is “luxury” and “noble”. Unlike the products of the garment industry, the meaning of clothing customization is not simply tailor-made, nor is it a brand of craft showmanship, and not simply a bejeweled.

Through a strong sense of artistic attainment and fashion understanding of clothing customization, the brand allows the brand culture to resonate with consumer emotions. Under the condition of ensuring that the garments meet the aesthetic needs of consumers in the new era, the traditional Chinese culture is combined with the fashion silhouette to keep the garment customization in a new vitality.

Through the personalized design of clothing customization, solid handicraft skills, and the exquisite and elegant charm presented by the clothing, to achieve the beauty of consumers. At the same time, let them know how to appreciate their own beauty, to feel a new fashion lifestyle, a way to achieve self and free style expression in addition to the realization of the material, to satisfy the pursuit and taste of fashion on a spiritual level. 

This is the meaning of clothing customization, which allows infinite possibilities for clothing design, and also provides a more advanced way for consumers to express themselves aesthetically and spiritually.

Flourish, an ethnic clothing customization brand, has been looking for new innovations in the field of clothing customization, seeking the combination of culture, modernity and color to achieve a perfect balance between all elements while holding on to its centuries-old skill heritage, so that an exquisite garment does not lack the language of modern fashion, but at the same time has the flavor of traditional Chinese culture, from which we can see the innovative power and fresh vitality of ethnic clothing customization brand, and let more people who love beauty feel the charm of clothing customization.

Courageous Challenge Open a New Chapter of Ethnic Clothing Customization Brand

The truth of time has never changed. The Great Wall witnessed the moment of glory of the ethnic clothing customization brand, creating one of the spectacular and showy shows in the history of clothing customization, and allowing the charm of clothing customization to continue in an epic moment, as well as writing a magnificent beginning for the next five hundred years of Flourish’s ethnic clothing customization story. At the same time, it also showed the world the power of the ethnic clothing customization brand, which is far beyond the significance of a big show.

The Great Wall, a cultural symbol with a strong Chinese imprint and spiritual symbol, opened the door for the world to know China. And Flourish, a century-old ethnic clothing customization brand, sets up a microcosm for the world to see the Chinese national culture. In the future, Flourish will continue to adhere to the brand’s cultural confidence, promote and inherit the national culture, spread Chinese culture to the world, and tell the world the custom-made clothing story belonging to our own nation.

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