Kaio-Dia, developer of valuable accessories for diabetics

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Kaio-Dia, developer of valuable accessories for diabetics

August 11
18:56 2022

Kaio-Dia is a company that develops useful accessories for children and adults with diabetes. 

The company has an extensive range of colors and prints to suit any taste, along with constantly expanding sizes to provide a better fit. With their focus on the needs of diabetes patients, Alongside kids and adults alike, they’re able to serve all walks of life.

Some of their products include the Dia-Band, which helps keep CGM sensors in place and is compatible with many different brands of sensors. Kaio-Dia aims to make life easier for those living with diabetes.

More information can be found at https://kaio-dia.eu.

Diabetic Accessories 

The Kaio Dia-Band diabetic armband protects your diabetes sensor or pod during daily activities, sports, and even swimming.   Kaio-Dia offers a variety of products to help diabetics carry their insulin pumps. The belts, pouches, and waistbands are made from high-quality materials and provide a comfortable fit. With a constantly expanding range of colors and prints and a wide size range for a better fit and more comfort, Kaio-Dia is committed to providing the best products for diabetic kids and adults.

Glucose Sensor Armband

Their Dia-Style elastic armband keeps your glucose sensor in place during sports or daily activities. It fits the Abbott Freestyle Libre 1 and 2, the Enlite Sensor, and the Dexcom G6. Adjustable, and available in 3 sizes and several colors. They also offer Dia-WaistBand, designed to protect your pod or blood glucose sensor under your clothes during the day or while you sleep. It fits perfectly into your body, making you look and feel great while managing your diabetes.

Kaio-Dia way is a great way to keep a medical ID close at hand.

The Kaio-Dia Collections  

For active diabetics, managing their insulin pump or medication can be a hassle. Kaio-Dia offers a variety of pouches, belts, and bags to make it easy for people with diabetes to carry their insulin pump, cool their insulin pen, or refill their medication. 

Their cooling wallets Dia-Cool are perfect for any moment, whether during a daily routine, while playing sports, or even while sleeping. 

Final Thoughts

For people with special wishes or suggestions for products that could make life easier for diabetics, do not hesitate to get ahold of the team at Kaio-Dia. Their team is always open to new ideas and would be delighted to hear thoughts on how they can improve their range of accessories for people living with diabetes.

For more information, visit https://kaio-dia.eu.

Media Contact
Company Name: Kaio-Dia Europe
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Phone: +33 7 80 91 97 41
Country: France
Website: https://kaio-dia.eu

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