WeMoveU Commercial Moving Services Make Business Re-Location a Breeze this Winter

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WeMoveU Commercial Moving Services Make Business Re-Location a Breeze this Winter

October 27
21:00 2022
WeMoveU Commercial Moving Services Make Business Re-Location a Breeze this Winter
This quarter, WeMoveU discusses the advantages of its commercial moving services, and why winter is often one of the best months to relocate.

In business, as in real estate, location matters. The right location can have a dramatic effect on operational efficiency, overhead, foot traffic, and more.

From logistics to taxes, relocating can have a considerable impact on the bottom line. Given the current economic climate, businesses throughout Irvine and Orange County Beach City service areas are considering how a strategic relocation could position their company for success in 2023.

This quarter, WeMoveU discusses the advantages of its commercial moving services, and why winter is often one of the best months to relocate.

The Strategic Advantages of Relocating Businesses In Winter

Favorable Lease and Storage Terms

Winter months are typically considered a slower time in commercial real estate. With lower demand, renters gain the upper hand with landlords more willing to concede in negotiations for more favorable lease terms.

Similarly, storage units often run specials during the winter months, aiding in making the transition more cost-effective than in the busy spring and summer seasons.

Less Competition for Prime Locations

Commercial real estate is a highly competitive industry, with prime locations often resulting in bidding wars, and putting increased pressure on companies to move fast on making an offer.

Winter months tend to slow down, giving companies more time to find the perfect space to relocate to, without the risk of missing out on a location due to competitors swooping in, or increased costs due to bidding wars.

Flexibility and Availability

Relocating a business is a major endeavor, requiring careful planning, logistics, customer and employee communication, transition plans, and more. During the fall and winter months, the demand for commercial and residential moving services slows down to a snail’s pace, giving companies more flexibility when scheduling the move.

The Benefits of Business Relocation

Reduced Overhead, Improved Efficiency, and More Operating Capital

Given the economic climate, reducing costs is a major focus for many companies throughout Irvine and Orange County Beach City. Relocation provides an opportunity to capitalize on a new location that may have lower taxes, utility costs, insurance, better lease terms, and more. Logistically, a new location may help to centralize a company closer to employees, assets, or other resources needed for the delivery of products or services.

Streamlining Commercial Moves and Relocation

Moving can be a challenging and nerve-wracking experience for any business owner. It involves meticulous planning, budgeting, logistical challenges, and more.

No matter the reason, moving isn’t as simple as tossing assets in a truck and shipping them off to a new location. Relocating a business requires organizing, packing, labeling, storage, dealing with utility and other cancellations, insurance, pro-rated property taxes, coordinating office or manufacturing spaces for employees, and more

WeMoveU knows just how stressful business relocations can be, taking the burden off of employees, managers, and owners by offering a one-stop-shop for all things commercial moving.

A Full Range of Commercial Moving Services

Comprehensive Moving Services: Customers no longer need to search for separate moving and storage companies or packing supplies. WeMoveU brings everything under one roof, streamlining the process for customers and making the move an easier one.

Unparalleled 24/7 Support: Things can come up when least expected. WeMoveU provides customers with a dedicated moving representative who remains ‘on call’ day or night to assist with anything needed.

All-Inclusive Transparent Pricing: No hidden surprises or never-ending ‘add-ons’. WeMoveU provides a singular all-inclusive fee based on the package needed so customers never get hit with a bill they didn’t expect.


  • Customized moving packages
  • Long or short-distance office moves
  • Facilities support
  • Office furniture removal
  • Disposal and recycling
  • Office decommissioning
  • Packing services

About WeMoveU: The WeMoveU Difference

Founded by two friends with a passion for making the moving experience a simpler, more enjoyable one, WeMoveU quickly gained notoriety for its streamlined process, professionalism, and customer support. Backed by more than a decade of combined moving experience, WeMoveU takes a ‘customer-first’ approach to business, providing the best possible service that takes the stress and pressures of moving off the shoulders of its customers.

Those interested in learning more about WeMoveU, or in obtaining a quote on an upcoming move, are encouraged to reach out via its official website or by calling 800-742-3070.

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