Laeeb, the Mascot of FIFA World Cup 2022 Gives Birth to the Enticing LAEEB INU Token

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Laeeb, the Mascot of FIFA World Cup 2022 Gives Birth to the Enticing LAEEB INU Token

October 28
16:42 2022
Laeeb Inu is an ideal project providing a gateway to the web 3.0 FIFA world cup experience through utilities like a fantasy league, NFT ultimate team, and a top-notch betting platform.

 The hearts of football fanatics are thrashing wildly as the FIFA world cup 2022 draws near. Every fan out there dreams of taking part in the activities related to the world cup. Laeeb Inu is a sublime platform that permits every individual to relish each aspect of the FIFA world cup regardless of where they hail from. The platform opens a gateway for people to make the most out of their Web 3.0 FIFA world cup experience. 

An Intro to LAEEB INU

 Laeeb, the official mascot for the FIFA world cup 2022 has given birth to Laeeb Inu. With this platform, Individuals can participate in the jam-packed action of the world cup. Laeeb Inu aims to offer a football fantasy league web 3.0 experience to its users. The project has already secured the spotlight through the major utilities that it has to offer which include a FIFA world cup fantasy league, FIFA world cup NFT ultimate team, and an exhilarating betting platform for its users.

FIFA World Cup Fantasy League

Laeeb Inu offers people a unique opportunity to compete in its fantasy league and earn mega prizes. Through the use of Laeeb tokens individuals can gain entry into the fantasy league where they can make a team with players which they deem fit. Each team can have a maximum of 14 athletes. The performance of these players in real-life matches will be used as a measure of the points that each player will get in the fantasy league.

Following each real-life match, the analogous player in the fantasy league will get points that will be added to each participant’s team who have included that specific player in their team. The better an athlete performs in real matches the more points secured by the participant’s team in the Laeeb Inu fantasy league. Thus it all comes down to wisely selecting players based on their expertise. Users with the most points have a high chance of winning the grand prize. 

NFT Ultimate Team

The FIFA world cup NFT Ultimate Team is specifically for all the die-hard web 3.0 football fans out there. Users can get their hands on a Laeeb Inu player pack which consists of 7 adept footballers. Each ultimate team cannot have more than 14 participants. The real-life statistics of each player are used to award points to their corresponding players in the league. The points are updated daily and can be viewed on the live leaderboard that is accessible to all. 

An Alluring Betting Platform

Laeeb Inu also caters to the betters via the Laeeb Inu Wagering dApp. Users can bet using the Laeeb Inu token or any other crypto of their choice. Not just this, but the project also offers a distinctive feature through which they can win bets along with the house. This means that each bet won by the project will also be a win for the individual. Laeeb Inu uplifts transparency and integrity through the use of a decentralized App for betting. There is no need for a KYC thus betters can slide in and out without any hindrance.


With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, Laeeb Inu holds a promising future. The Tokenomics is planned in a way that makes the token self-sustaining. The project imposes a 5% tax on each Buy/Sell transaction, which is further divided in the following way:

  • 3% for marketing

  • 1% for development

  • 1% to maintain liquidity

Roadmap and an Exemplary Mission

Laeeb Inu divides its Roadmap into 3 distinct phases. Phase 1 consists of activities like brand and team creation, stealth launch, organic and paid marketing, and utility development. Phase 2 includes plans of releasing the betting website, launching of fantasy draft platform, releasing ultimate team NFT player packs, and KYC audit. Phase 3 kicks off with making NFT player cards tradable. This is followed by CEX listings and partnering with Athletes and Influencers. 

Laeeb Inu launched its token without any pre-sale or private sale and thus focuses primarily on marketing to reach new heights. Laeeb Inu aspires to provide an unmatchable betting experience to its users.

Further details about the project can be found on the official website and social media platforms.

Laeeb Inu

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