Celebrity Trainer Paraskevas Kaltsas is training Airrack to compete against Mr. Beast in a bodybuilding show.

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Celebrity Trainer Paraskevas Kaltsas is training Airrack to compete against Mr. Beast in a bodybuilding show.

October 28
17:33 2022
Paras Kaltas has established himself as the number one fitness education influencer in Greece, an exceptional personal trainer and coach sought-after by celebrities and quoted by other personal trainers.

Paras Kaltsas has revealed that he will be training Airrack for his upcoming bodybuilding competition against Mr. Beast. The July 4th, 2023, competition will see the two stars face each other, and Kaltsas is excited to help Airrack “destroy Mr. Beast” in the up-and-coming show.

The celebrity personal trainer leverages science and his extensive experience in his training practices. Years of research, practice, and trial training programs have helped Kaltsas develop workout plans that guarantee success. These comprehensive, personalized programs are designed to help his clients unlock their full potential, helping maximize muscle growth while decreasing body fat simultaneously, a phenomenon known as body recomposition. Kaltsas says, “You can’t become a great coach just by studying books or training hard in the gym. To become a great coach, you must develop a deep understanding of the scientific literature AND its application to the human body.”

Most people don’t understand that there is a science to working out, and those who do often find themselves lost and confused by the amount of information. Kaltsas is known for breaking down the complexities of science, making it fun and understandable for everyone through his social media. His exceptional knowledge in the space has built him into an authority figure in all matters of training, especially in body recomposition, which was deemed impossible by many coaches before him.

His unique training and coaching approach combines cutting-edge research with simple and known training methods. These programs and nutritional interventions are specifically designed to help people build muscle, lose fat and understand the mindset required to attain these exceptional results. 

About Paras Kaltsas

Paras Kaltsas is a renowned celebrity trainer and fitness influencer who has nurtured his passion for training since he was 12. He took an interest and began resistance exercise at the young age of 16. For the next two years, he concentrated on resistance training and body composition research, after which he began studying for a personal training degree.

At 19, Kaltsas got his training degree, and at 20, he went to college for his physical education and sports science degree. Throughout his education, Kaltsas dug into the scientific literature on resistance training. He graduated with honors and specialized in Sports Medicine and Exercise biology. 

With his knowledge, Kaltsas continued to train people and began educating people via social media. He presented scientific information and helped people train their bodies right. His entry was a welcome breath of fresh air in a space where most people copied and pasted training regimens without scientific backing.

Very quickly, his videos gained recognition, more than 150 thousand people watched his 4th video, and over half a million watched his 6th video. Within a year and a half, Kaltsas became Greece’s most sought-after fitness trainer and coach. Coaches and fitness influencers have quoted him in Greece and consider him a reliable source of science-backed training information. 

Kaltsas is planning to continue social media in English so he can impact more people’s lives. 

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