The secret of using aluminium cans for cosmetic aerosols

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The secret of using aluminium cans for cosmetic aerosols

October 28
16:20 2022

Products that come in aerosol form are becoming more commonplace in all aspects of life and in people’s day-to-day activities as a direct result of their user-friendliness and versatility. In recent years, particularly in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors, they have started to see widespread use. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry.

The qualities of the cans, which can mostly be broken down into two categories below, are what decide whether or not cosmetic aerosols are packaged in cans made of aluminum.

Because EVERFLARE PACKAGING knows that the typical contents of an aerosol are made up of material and gas, which needs the bottle to be securely sealed, aluminum aerosol cans merely satisfy this criterion. Aluminum cans have superior resistance. Since know that the typical contents of an aerosol are made up of material and gas.

With a wide range of aluminum bottles, the atomisation effect are higher than other materials of the bottle, the spray will feel cooler and be more effective. EVERFLARE PACKAGING knows that the spray is generally used more in the summer, such as sunscreen spray and after-sun repair spray. Aluminum cosmetic cans have a much better atomisation effect.

There are hundreds of goods that are used on a daily basis that are packaged in cosmetic aerosol cans because they are simple to use and handy. People can make sure that their items are packaged safely and hygienically by utilizing aluminum aerosol cans as their container. This will result in their products having a longer shelf life. Aluminum aerosol cans are completely and endlessly recyclable; as a result, using them can assist their brands in being more socially responsible and beneficial to our planet.

Our research and development team is able to create and manufacture various forms according to client specifications so that their goods may stand out on the market. EVERFLARE PACKAGING has been a provider of aluminum packaging for over 10 years.

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