Whitney D. Walter Is Captivating Audiences And Transforming Lives With Her Empowering Message Of Self-Advocacy

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Whitney D. Walter Is Captivating Audiences And Transforming Lives With Her Empowering Message Of Self-Advocacy

October 31
10:36 2022

Whitney D. Walter is a keynote speaker and professional development expert delivering inspirational insights meant to empower women and create a better, more promising tomorrow

Though Women’s Equality Day is in August, every day provides the opportunity to examine women’s rights, liberties, and opportunities. However, some may be surprised to hear that success on this front starts at home. Whether in personal or professional settings, many women fail to advocate for themselves by putting the needs of others before their own. To some, self-advocacy may seem like a form of selfishness but, happier and more successful women can have a positive impact on their organizations and surrounding communities.

In fact, there is growing research to suggest that self-advocacy is an essential skill for women everywhere. Studies show that when women advocate for themselves and their needs, they tend to reap more benefits in nearly all aspects of life.

Here, Whitney D. Walter – a motivational keynote speaker and professional development expert – comes to the rescue as an invaluable resource for women’s empowerment. As a long-time corporate professional, Whitney’s experience with self-advocacy began many years ago with her own career. While working in the male-dominated industry of finance, she found herself longing for tenured female mentors to offer guidance on how to successfully break into “The Boys Club”. Often unsuccessful in her search, she soon became the go-to professional mentor for other up-and-coming professional women.

Whitney’s road to public speaking began nearly 10 years ago when she partnered with United Way to provide financial education to underserved communities in Jacksonville, FL. After becoming a licensed financial adviser, she put her skills to work for a Fortune 500 company traveling the country as a corporate trainer. Whitney’s drive to help other professional women only grew as her career advanced and others frequently sought her professional guidance. Now, Whitney is determined to help as many women as possible reach their personal and professional goals.

Whitney’s signature keynote speech on self-advocacy continues to push her toward her goal of creating a community of confident women who are unapologetic in their pursuit of personal and professional success. The speech covers issues commonly experienced by high-achieving professionals such as imposter syndrome and building confidence. In addition she also covers overcoming the fear of failure – a topic she was also interviewed about exclusively by Authority Magazine. Whitney uses humor and refreshing honesty to thoughtfully guides audiences through a series of actionable steps they can start using right away to help take on life’s many challenges. After just a few minutes of hearing her speak it is clear that her passion for helping other women runs deep.

As the founder and CEO of Harness Your Power, a company dedicated to the development and advancement of professional women, Whitney offers an array of services that are meant to take audiences from feeling frustrated and overlooked to fulfilled and celebrated. In addition to being a professional speaker, Whitney provides opportunities to partner with corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and schools to create customized workshops, executive roundtables, panels, assessments and more.

For organizations hoping to help their members step into their power and truly make a difference in the world, booking Whitney to speak is the next logical step. With the belief that a little selfishness and a lot of drive can lead to major success, Whitney’s practical advice and anecdotal stories of resilience leave audiences more hopeful and inspired than ever before. Contact Whitney’s team to schedule a brief call for more information.

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