FINTOCH Hosts Public Chain Launch Event in Macau With Over 2000 Guests

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FINTOCH Hosts Public Chain Launch Event in Macau With Over 2000 Guests

March 02
19:54 2023

DeFi (Decentralized Finance), which has ushered in a time of fast development, has coincided with the maturation and stabilization of the blockchain sector. In 2022, the market’s rising star, FINTOCH has achieved a remarkable feat for the industry. In addition to setting new records for investment and users, the roadshow activities that started last year are currently ongoing in important Asian cities. More than 2,000 people attended the recent official launch of FINTOCH’s FTC Financial Public Chain in Macau, including renowned vocalists Hsu Huai Yu and Zhou Hui as well as Hollywood soprano HOGO CASTILO. Furthermore, the event was topped off with a $2 million USDT cash voucher lucky draw.

On the 28th of February, FINTOCH conducted the FTC Financial Public Chain launch ceremony in Macau, which drew more than 2,000 visitors from all walks of life, media representatives, blockchain aficionados and cryptocurrency investors, who came to witness this major global event take place. 

The burgeoning DeFi platform FINTOCH has continued to do roadshows in important cities across the Asia Pacific despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market has been unsteady for some time. The platform has continued to hold roadshows in major Asian cities, showing its new initiatives to the region’s expanding population. With its launching in Macau China, FINTOCH has ramped up its marketing initiatives in an effort to introduce its financial public chain to the Chinese community and realize its audacious vision of universal prosperity.

In addition, at the launch event, FINTOCH also invited the legendary Hollywood tenor HOGO CASTILO to the event to present his beautiful voice and classical popular songs to the guests. More than 2,000 visitors were enthralled by the performances of Chinese diva Zhou Hui and Hsu Huai Yu, who also performed some of their all-time favourite songs. The mood of the event was enlivened by applause.

The highlight of the event was the lucky draw of 2 million USDT cash vouchers specially arranged by FINTOCH. All of the guests cheered and applauded, and the excitement level reached its peak when the highest winner took home 50,000 USDT in cash vouchers alone.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has gained international attention in recent years due to the rapid developments of blockchain technology. The network layer of the Fintoch Chain is made up of Main-Chain (main chain) and Fin-Chain (expansion chain) which serve as the core technology of Fintoch. With a total supply of 840 million FTC, an initial block reward of 10 FTC and a halving of the block reward every four years, Fintoch Chain’s primary consensus algorithm, APoS, is dependent on super nodes to function. The APoS (Asset Proof of Stake) protocol from Fintoch Chain is an asset proof of stake that combines the economic models of PoS and DPoS while avoiding the drawbacks of being overly centralized.

The functions and features of Main-Chain:

1. Execution of smart contracts

2. Compatible with Ethereum EVM

3. APoS consensus for generating blocks

4. Cross-chaining of atomic exchange off-chain assets

The functions and features of Fin-Chain:

1. Flash parallel cross-chain

2. Zero-knowledge proof privacy transactions

3. Modular deployment of one-click chain issuance

4. Common language complexion smart contract development

The FINTOCH team has great expectations for the future of FTC Financial Public Chain. They are certain that this public chain will emerge as a gem in the future financial world, offering the majority of consumers more accessible, secure and effective financial services. In addition, FINTOCH aims to use this opportunity to establish strong connections with Macau users and investors as they work together to explore the limitless potential of blockchain technology in the financial industry. In this era of passion and opportunity, FINTOCH will continue to persistently promote technological innovation and product optimization to bring more value and benefits to our users and investors.

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