Areon Network Introduces Proof of Area Algorithm for Quick, Safe and Future-Proof Blockchain Ecosystems

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Areon Network Introduces Proof of Area Algorithm for Quick, Safe and Future-Proof Blockchain Ecosystems

March 08
22:39 2023

The complexity of blockchain networks grows over time. To use the services without any hassles, people seek out simpler and easier ecologies. Areon is leading the way in blockchain ecosystem innovation to achieve that goal. By addressing the key issues that end users frequently encounter, Areon aims to make the global crypto sector quick, dependable, and investment-friendly.

An innovative idea: Proof of Area

Areon’s distinctive Proof of Area verification algorithm increases dependability and sustainability. It combines some aspects of Proof of Stake with Proof of Work to create a system that is quick, safe, and future-proof. Proof of Area boasts both the Proof of Work’s transaction security and the Proof of Stake’s ability to reduce transaction costs. Proof of Area visualized

Proof of Area’s transaction verification is based on a simple concept: anyone who owns Area Lands within the metaverse (Areon City) is randomly eligible for transaction verifications. This one-of-a-kind ‘loyalty program’ ensures that transaction node confirmations result in block rewards for landowners. The more lands you own, the greater your chances of receiving a reward!

Proof of Area also encourages investors to hold the coins over time, which is beneficial. Because there are a limited number of metaverse lands, landowners can sell or rent them later if their value rises. Owners of the land can construct a digital store or any software. The verification rewards make the land even more appealing. Proof of Area also encourages investors to hold the coins in the long run, which is useful. Because metaverse lands are limited in number, landowners can sell or rent them later if their value rises. On the land, owners can build a digital store or any software. The land is also appealing because of the verification rewards.

Areon Endless Adventure

We released our new mobile game Areon Endless Adventure, which we announced in the first quarter of 2023. We will make in-game purchases with our NFTs. Jetpacks, feathers and many other items can be purchased with Areon NFTs. The weekly and monthly reward systems will also be included in this game, and the people who get the most points will be rewarded with #AREA.

Areon AI

We began an AI project. We believe that AI will remake our future, and we want to be among the first to do so. That is why we have recently begun to invest in AI. Our efforts in this area are ongoing, and we plan to announce our AI project very soon.

NFT Marketplace: Metareon

Some of the artwork, ready for launch

 Areon Network has its own marketplace, giving it a significant advantage over competitors. It is the community’s own marketplace, and each transaction earns AREA coins. NFT enthusiasts can trade their NFTs here as well. By communicating with our staff, NFT artists can gain early access to our marketplace and enjoy unique marketing benefits.

Comparison table


Metaverse: Areon City

Our metaverse, Areon City, is at the heart of our network. You can buy, sell, or lease your belongings (including your land) to other network users here. Areon City residents will encounter a one-of-a-kind ecosystem where entertainment meets utility.

Areon City concept art

 For investors, the city provides appealing purchasing options. Only 50K lands will be available in Areon City, with prices starting at 10,000 AREA coins. Because the maximum coin supply is 500 million and transaction verification is based on land ownership, the lands will appreciate over time. The price will be determined by the lot’s location in Areon City.

Community Empowerment: Areon Academy

It is our educational project for the community. The goal is to strengthen underserved communities. Language courses, one-on-one tutoring, and even lectures are scheduled by community members. No commissions will be paid to students or instructors for attending the classes. Instructors who wish to demonstrate their status will upload supporting documentation and receive a name badge.

Academy concept art

What is next for Areon?

We are currently expanding our team in order to further develop our digital metaverse. Our NFT marketplace will be ready in two months and is currently accepting applications from NFT artists. Our 2023 goals include establishing strategic partnerships and taking our place in important exchanges. We care about the Asian market and we will not only take our place there, but also strengthen it. We believe that we will make 2023 the year of Areon and accordingly, we will expand our team with people who are dedicated to the project. We are thrilled and ecstatic that we built this community without using any advertising!

Our next major goal is to manage token listings on major exchanges. We are listed on CoinMarketCap, BitMart and Hotbit. Next listing will be the top 10 central exchange. We want to establish a presence in Asian markets and have some major exchange listings under our belt by the third quarter of 2022. Our NFT swap technology, as well as our Metareon mobile app, will be further developed. We intend to reach more than 100,000 users.

Above all, we want Areon Network to revolutionize the blockchain industry by pushing the boundaries of simplicity and sustainability. We promise to work hard and make significant contributions to the blockchain’s future. Areon Network will serve as a hub for all cryptocurrency users seeking speed, affordability, and a diverse range of services.

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