Boutique agency Kohi Studios helps small businesses acquire the exposure needed to flourish.

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Boutique agency Kohi Studios helps small businesses acquire the exposure needed to flourish.

May 24
05:06 2023
Kohi Studios offers expert social media management services to help businesses reach their full potential.

Social media marketing company Kohi Studios offers businesses the opportunity to succeed one coffee pun at a time. The female-led company comprises a team of experts and pushes the boundaries of online marketing to provide personalized and meaningful solutions.

About the Company

Andrea, the brains behind Kohi Studios, started as an average nine-to-five working-class citizen. Frustrated by the toxic working environment and stress it usually accompanies, Andrea decided to take the plunge and make a foray into starting her own business.

Despite the struggles and doubts that usually come with building a business from the ground up, her first year as a business owner went better than she had imagined. Speaking to Andrea herself, “The beginning of my journey started with me being riddled with self-doubt. I questioned whether it was right to go off the usual path and onto a yet unpaved road. Thankfully, my worries soon disappeared into thin air as I soon discovered my passion for running a business. My experience building communities with like-minded women who love fashion and travel as much as I do made me realize my success lay in community building. Social media is a powerful resource for business owners like myself, and once my passion met my ambitions, I knew it was a skill I could not gatekeep.”

With her razor-sharp instincts, Andrea has assembled a dedicated and skilled team of professionals. Their combined passion and efforts help businesses flourish to their full potential.

Creating an Online Presence as Strong as Espresso

As a business owner herself, Andrea understands that small business owners with great ideas may lack the time or skills to put their ideas on the map. To help business owners make their dreams a reality, Andrea and her team at Kohi Studios dedicate their time and efforts to providing their professional expertise.

Kohi Studios offers various services to help companies achieve their goals. Their assistance begins with understanding what the company needs to begin with. The Kohi Studios team sweeps the internet for online threads, customer responses, and more to analyze the best next step. 

This information is then carefully reviewed to create a personalized plan to help customers achieve their goals. Once satisfied with the provided strategy, Kohi Studios uses its expertise to help display its brand image in the deserved limelight. 

After every social media campaign, the team will help the business analyze its campaign insights to enhance the next campaign even further.

Kohi Studios’ versatile marketing and content creation approach sets it apart. They recognize that every brand is unique and requires assistance that is personalized for them.

A Wide Array of Marketing Services

Kohi Studios helps brands evolve into their best selves with customized solutions to tackle every problem. Their range of services caters to every stage of business development, whether that includes creating a brand image or more.

For companies starting from the basics, the Kohi team helps build a brand identity from the ground up, including designing logos, choosing color palettes, and much more. The design team also helps curate eye-catching packaging designs to help get people talking.

With the help of Kohi Studios’ expert marketing services, brands can create a lasting digital footprint. They offer community building, content strategy, and email marketing services alongside strategy-driven campaigns. 

Their team recognizes that social media is a powerful marketing tool in today’s technology-dominated age. Kohi Studios uses meticulous social media management techniques, including Facebook and Instagram advertising, to help companies get the needed exposure. Their influencer marketing services take advantage of popular content creators’ influence to reach wider audiences.


Kohi Studios provides a cost-effective and personalized approach to social media marketing for businesses in need. Their invaluable and accommodating support has led them to earn their client’s trust and satisfaction, with many rave customer reviews. They provide samples of their previous projects on their website that showcase their keen eye for detail.

For further queries, please get in touch with the company via the information listed below.

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Country: Philippines

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