Discusses Why One Should Customize a Donation Letter Template and See Contributions Rise

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May 24
21:42 2023 Discusses Why One Should Customize a Donation Letter Template and See Contributions Rise

Organizations use donation letters to request funds and support from various individuals and entities. These letters share what the organization needs financially while gaining support for its cause. However, an organization must ensure the letter gets noticed. While a donation letter template is a good starting point, the organization needs to customize the letter to ensure it gets noticed. What should be included in the customized letter?

Know the Goal

Before sitting down to write a donation letter, the organization must know what it wishes to achieve. Having this information will help determine the content. The letter must clarify this goal and share additional info while ensuring the overall message remains on track. Segment the target audience and write for a specific demographic to see better results.

Engage the Donors

An engaging story draws people in. Choose one person benefiting from the work of the organization and share their story with potential donors. Donors respond well when they feel a connection with the person that was helped.

This tactic was probably of benefit to the campaign For a Good Cause: Long Beach Blues Society helps community with music. Telling the story of one person and then showing donors how they can help people in similar situations will leave them feeling like heroes who are doing good in the world. Don’t mention the organization in the content of the letter. Keep the focus on the donor.

Keep It Simple

According to, the letter should be no more than two pages. Short and simple is good, and the letter should be easy to read. Don’t forget to brand the stationary and use quality products, but leave ample white space. Words, sentences, and paragraphs should be short, and the message needs to be shared in the first paragraph. Don’t share statistics in a donation request letter.

Include a Call to Action

Let the reader know what steps they can take to support the organization. Explain the urgency of the request and offer suggested donation amounts. Try to find a company or sponsor that will match donations one-for-one to bring in more funds.

Finalize the Letter

Thank the donors for their support and sign the letter using an individual’s name. This individual may be the founder, a board member, or another key person within the organization. Never use the organization’s name as the signature, as that makes the letter impersonal. Personalize each letter and address the envelope to that individual.

Visit a company like InPeace for more information on donation letter templates and how they can help any organization request funds. Use this technique regularly, as direct mail appeals typically see a good response. Email requests simply don’t have the same effect.

As organizations are struggling to bring in funds, any way to distinguish the requests from the many others donors see routinely is helpful. Customizing a donation template letter is one way to achieve this goal. The potential donor may first glance at the letter and believe it is like all others. Once they see it isn’t, they read more. Try this technique today and see the outstanding return on investment. This method will benefit any organization in need of funds.


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