The new Poetry Book “Human: Behind the Mask” Chronicles the Journey of Spiritual Growth and Recovery

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The new Poetry Book “Human: Behind the Mask” Chronicles the Journey of Spiritual Growth and Recovery

December 06
18:06 2023
Decorated with custom-painted artwork and scripture leading into each poem series, the memoir touches on various vulnerable topics.

A new poetry book, “Human: Behind the Mask,” a deeply personal memoir of spiritual growth in recovery, has been released today, offering hope and inspiration to those grappling with addiction, mental health challenges, and body dysmorphia. Authored by Carly Reed, who has battled addiction for 14 years, the book presents a unique blend of poetry, personal insights, and scripture, accompanied by custom-painted artwork.

“I hope this book can help someone battling addiction, mental health issues, or body dysmorphia,” says Carly Reed. “It’s a testament to the power of not living in fear and embracing our flaws. Remember, you are loved.”

Human: Behind the Mask is thoughtfully formatted, with each poem series introduced by a short synopsis and relevant scripture, allowing readers to connect deeply with the themes of vulnerability, healing, and self-acceptance. The writing touches on sensitive topics like mental health, addiction, and body dysmorphia, providing a voice to often unspoken struggles.

Sharing how getting this book can positively impact those who are struggling, Carly Reed shared, “A portion of these proceeds will be donated to programs/organizations that contributed positively to my recovery, knowing the helpful impact they can have on others. I am positive that people who are struggling like me can find access to genuine help, and the buyers of this book will be directly contributing to making it happen.”

This compelling work will be available in two formats: a printed version and an e/audio book. The audiobook, set to be released on February 16th, 2023, to coincide with the author’s one-year sobriety anniversary, will feature written music in the background, enhancing the tone and theme of each poem. The printed version is available starting today, December 1st.

Carly Reed shares poignant quotes from the book: “Recovery is about the life we create. One we don’t want to escape.” These quotes encapsulate the book’s core message of finding purpose and strength in one’s journey through recovery.

Order Human: Behind the Mask by Carly Reed at: A portion of the proceeds will go towards recovery programs to help struggling others.

For more information, visit or follow Carly Reed on Instagram at @carlyannmariereed and @trustyourmess_age.

Find Carly Reed on various platforms here:

About Trust Your Mess_age LLC.

Trust Your Mess_age LLC, the company behind this initiative is dedicated to fostering community and connection. Co-founded by Carly and Breeze, both in recovery themselves, the brand focuses on destigmatizing addiction and promoting the message that there’s a message and purpose within every mess. They encourage people to embrace their authentic selves and step into their unique identities.

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