The Ahriman Legacy Continues With Puja Guha’s Most Riveting Installment Yet

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The Ahriman Legacy Continues With Puja Guha’s Most Riveting Installment Yet

December 06
18:34 2023

The Ahriman fandom rejoices as author Puja Guha returns once again with one of the most promising espionage thrillers in recent times. 

Presenting the fourth installment of THE AHRIMAN LEGACY, RECKONING FROM THE SHADOWS.

The story begins with two characters that have quite a history in Puja Guha’s expansive universe. Readers are introduced to Veronica Salazar, an Agency operative seeking peace and solace after a series of traumatic events that transpired in Russia. 

But as the old saying goes, “You can run from your past, but you can never escape it.” On April 2024, at a safe house in New York, she finds herself face to face with her reckoning from the shadows: an Agency traitor, her ex-boyfriend, Kevin.

But instead of hostility, Kevin greets Veronica with a grave warning, leaving her and readers with more questions than answers.

And thus, the hunt for justice commences.

RECKONING FROM THE SHADOWS takes readers through a unique and compelling narrative while keeping all the elements of what makes a classic AHRIMAN installment. 

Veronica’s storyline seamlessly converges with that of the iconic, enigmatic “face of the AHRIMAN LEGACY,” Petra Shirazi, who finds herself coping with past trauma, rekindling her relationship with Kasem Ismaili while hiding out in Paris.

In this sequel, readers are given a new perspective on their favorite characters as they fight to find common ground and reconcile a myriad of personal conflicts. The book’s true threat reveals itself: Chinese intelligence is orchestrating a military coup d’état to ensure the successful execution of a major energy deal. This leaves our heroes caught in a tangled web as they race to stop the coup.

Puja Guha outdoes herself with even stronger character development, action sequences, and overall storytelling that make RECKONING FROM THE SHADOWS arguably her best work yet.

Readers new to Puja Guha’s series are recommended to commence their espionage journey with THE SPIRIT OF DESTRUCTION. For all the fans who have been buzzing for the author’s new release, AHRIMAN IV makes the wait worthwhile.

RECKONING FROM THE SHADOWS is now available on Amazon. 

About the Author

Meet Puja Guha, a creative thinker, avid reader, and author of the espionage sensation THE AHRIMAN LEGACY series, renowned for intriguing world-building and characterization. 

Puja’s zest for exploring diverse cultures and passion for adventure exudes through the pages of her books. She has dual Master’s degrees in Public Policy from Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics. Furthermore, she is also an independent international consultant specializing in infrastructure and business development initiatives in underserved regions around the globe.


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