Award-Winning Horror Movie “Fang” is Now Streaming on Amazon Prime and Apple TV

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Award-Winning Horror Movie “Fang” is Now Streaming on Amazon Prime and Apple TV

June 18
17:12 2024
Fang tells a story of mental health horror and transformation.

After its theatrical premiere in 2022 and winning 13 awards in 2023, the rat-themed psychological horror movie Fang is now available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Blu-Ray, and DVD.

Starring Dylan LaRay, Lynn Lowry, Jess Paul, and Tom White, Fang tells the story of Billy Cochran (Dylan LaRay), a 23-year-old janitor who lives with his mother, Gina (Lynn Lowry), in a decaying house in Chicago as her mental and physical health deteriorates from Parkinson’s. One night, Billy wakes up to go to the bathroom. He discovers a rat in the bathtub. The rat chases Billy around the house and bites him. From that point on, Billy starts to think he’s becoming a rat. He finds a strange growth of rat fur on his arm, which appears and then disappears.

Written and directed by Richard Burgin, Fang is a movie about transformation in more ways than one. Fang ends with Billy getting diagnosed with “Autism, schizophrenia, and severe psychosis.” The damaging effects of self-hatred give way to a glimmer of hope and acceptance. “But Burgin cannot be too kind to Billy,” as reviewer Giles Edwards wrote.

Things were looking bleak for Richard Burgin. At age 18, he had his first suicidal thought. “I was terrified the moment after I thought that. I hated the idea of asking for help,” said Burgin. For years, he had wanted to be “normal.”

When Burgin decided to talk openly about his mental illness, his outlook on life began to change. “The same personality traits that got me in trouble helped get me out of trouble,” said Burgin. “I was mentally disturbed…that gave me insights into writing mentally disturbed characters. I realized I could make weird and unsettling movies and be rewarded for it, as long as I got myself together.”

While Burgin never believed himself to be turning into a rat, he drew from many of his own experiences to make Fang. “I have OCD, Bipolar, and High-Functioning Asperger’s,” said Burgin. “I wanted to have a character who was doing worse than me, and there was something very cathartic about that.”

“I want Fang to be a movie with teeth,” said Burgin. “I want you to feel the ferocious intensity that went into making Fang, the passion and energy from everyone in the cast and crew.”

The making of Fang lasted for over three years, from pre-production in the Fall of 2019 to filming in January and February 2020. “We were so lucky we got to film it right before the pandemic,” Burgin added. After a long post-production, where Burgin worked closely with producer Robert Felker, Fang premiered at the Davis Theater in Chicago on November 29th, 2022.

Despite the critical acclaim of Fang, Burgin had another mental breakdown after the premiere, which led to him being committed to the Chicago-Read Mental Health Center from June 16th to July 6th, 2023. “I’m sorry for the damage I caused,” said Burgin. “I will fight with every fiber of my being to get better, to stay alive, to be the best I can be.”

Fang is now streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.


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