MegaUptime: Protecting Businesses with Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

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MegaUptime: Protecting Businesses with Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

February 07
12:26 2020
Business owners face a lot of challenges in running their business in terms of business performance, management and protecting their business from risks. There is always the challenge of remaining profitable amidst increasing competition, the need to constantly improve the overall efficiency of the business, as well as reduce risks in matters like finances and reputation.

Technology has certainly helped business owners address these challenges and the technological advancement that has been at the forefront of facilitating business processes has been in digital automation. It’s just a fancy term of what computers have made possible. The speed and convenience afforded by digital technology are simply amazing. All people need is a terminal connected to the internet like a PC or via mobile devices, and from those devices, people can do a myriad of transactions like banking, connecting with other people, searching for a good place to eat, finding the best route to a destination, or paying for products and services through digital credit. There’s an app for everything, as some have said. And the underlying complexity that makes it all happen is completely transparent to the users.

Most businesses nowadays are built around digital automation. Enterprises, in particular, are completely dependent on technology, or else it would be impossible for them to operate at their current scale, handling extremely high volumes of transaction and data management. Even smaller companies now rely on information technology to facilitate, if not make possible, their operations. For example, mom-and-pop convenience stores, service-based independent contractors, and even non-commercial outfits use the internet in varying degrees to promote, advertise, support customers, or perform exchanges and business transactions, all by way of social media or, more commonly, their very own websites.

But this transparency opens businesses to risks like operational risks (such as machine error, breaking thresholds or tolerances, or other technical events) and people risks (human error, or the more malevolent abuses). Problems can go under the radar, buried in all the invisible complexities, and the consequences only become apparent when things are too late.

An example of technology failing and costing a business is website downtime. There are many causes of downtime. Most common is when a web hosting server is unable to cope with an unusually high spike in visitor traffic. The spike in traffic could be unintentional like when a web hosting service of an e-commerce website underestimates the number of visitors brought in by a successful sales promotion. Or reasons for downtime could be intentional and less innocent, like a DDoS attack from hackers.

There is only one way to address the risk brought about by technology, particularly for companies conducting their businesses online, and it is to add another layer of technology capable of keeping up with the complex system it monitors as it thoroughly detects anomalies. It is called real-time transaction monitoring.

Transaction monitoring is the process of evaluating the transactions processed on a business application or information system. It is an information technology management and security process that reviews, analyzes and administers selected transactions or all transactions performed on a given application or system, such as that on a website.

Creating an in-house monitoring service is expensive and often impractical because the system and resources needed to run the monitoring service have to be independent of the system being monitored (or else the monitoring system may get affected by the same issues that it is trying to detect within the monitored system in the first place). Most companies, even large enterprises, usually employ a third-party monitoring service. One such provider that has gotten a good reputation among entrepreneurs and small business owners is MegaUptime.

MegaUptime’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) package addresses all the needs of small businesses in risk protection inherent with using websites to conduct business. The service generates real-time end-user data and traces end-user transactions. With MegaUptime’s RUM package, owners and system administrators can monitor every transaction path, and review and analyze key website performance metrics, such as load time. MegaUptime’s Real User Monitoring reports any suspicious transaction activity and transaction failure.

MegaUptime provides a reliable, practical and affordable way for businesses to manage risk and protect their operations with a combination of uptime monitoring services, application performance monitoring and real-time monitoring services.

For more information on MegaUptime’s monitoring solutions, visit its website at For inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

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