Chapel Hill Detox Still Offering Services, Practicing New Protocols Amidst COVID-19

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Chapel Hill Detox Still Offering Services, Practicing New Protocols Amidst COVID-19

May 01
01:10 2020

West Palm Beach, FL – In light of the recent 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and resulting restrictions and guidelines presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Chapel Hill Detox has been implementing new measures geared towards the ongoing safety and protection of current and future patients. These measures are directed at the clients themselves, as well as of the existing staff members. All visitors and non-essential personnel have been restricted, and the amount of new patient admissions has been limited to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, seeing as medical detox is an essential practice and is responsible for saving a great number of lives on a daily basis, Chapel Hill Detox will remain open, and will continue to accept new patients based on personal need and the completion of a thorough and detailed medical screening. Any individuals who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, such as a fever, a dry cough, respiratory issues, or unexplained feelings of fatigue will not be granted access to the Chapel Hill Detox facility at this time. If the substance abuse disorder in question is deemed a medical emergencya matter of life and death, other arrangements will be made. 

Our top priority is continuing to provide quality medical detoxification services to those in need while protecting the health and safety of our current patients. 

The new measures and protocols that Chapel Hill Detox in West Palm Beach, FL has been adhering to and will continue implementing include:

  • Conducting a thorough medical assessment before admitting a patient into our facility. Upon their arrival and before their admission, patients will undergo a comprehensive screening which will test for a fever and respiratory symptoms. 
  • Restricting all visitors, including family members. For the time being, no visitors will be allowed on the premises. This includes those who typically bring in outside 12 step meetings, guest therapists, and those who would typically conduct holistic treatments such as yoga and meditation. 
  • Restricting all non-essential employees. While therapists, case managers and medical professionals remain an integral part of our staff, non-essential staff members will be temporarily furloughed as to further prevent the spread. Patients will still have access to all of the same amenities, though some services will be put on hold (such as 12 step meetings and group therapy sessions). 
  • Cancelling group activities as well as group dining. As much as possible, we will adhere to social distancing guidelines and suspend all group activities until further notice. 
  • Providing current patients with all of the supplies necessary to maintain a clean living space and to practice health code regulations. Patients will have access to hand sanitizer, hand soup, disinfectant for cleaning purposes, face masks, gloves, and any other supplies they may require. 

Chapel Hill Detox Center, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, is one of Southern Florida’s premier inpatient detoxification centers. Our state-of-the-art facility is run by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, all working together to provide quality and effective addiction treatment to those who have been struggling at the hands of substance dependency. Chapel Hill offers a personalized and intimate treatment experiencing, hosting no more than 14 patients at one time.

To learn more about our medical detoxification services or to learn more about our admissions process and protocols in light of the recent pandemic, please give us a call today.

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