Osmin Dental Offers Quality Relines to Patients

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Osmin Dental Offers Quality Relines to Patients

June 25
14:04 2020

Patients who are considering getting dentures or already have them have likely heard about the denture relines process. This procedure is necessary to properly care for dentures and preserve oral health. Dentures and partial dentures also offer an affordable healthcare option for people who are missing teeth. However, over time, the dentures may not fit snugly and a reline is necessary.

The bony structure and mouth tissues that support the dentures can be affected by several factors and compromise the health of patients. In these cases, dentures have to be readjusted or realigned to continue functioning properly.

The denture reline process is pretty accurate in terms of description. The professionals at Osmin Denture put on a new lining on dentures to keep them fitting in the mouth of the patient and looking like new. The procedure is simple and affordable and can make eating, drinking and smiling much more comfortable for patients.

The denture reline process is also essential for denture restoration. It’s crucial that there is a surface between the oral tissue and dentures that allows the false teeth to fit in the mouth and perform like natural teeth.  The reline procedure and part of regular denture care and should be performed as often as needed. Relining makes dentures more secure and seals off the spaces in the mouth to that food particles won’t become lodged in the mouth and cause tooth decay, halitosis, and bacterial overgrowth. Relining can also improve suction, particularly on the upper dentures.

Osmin Denture provides services to older patients and other individuals who wear dentures for cosmetic or health purposes. Even well-fitting dentures will loosen over time which can cause oral discomfort. As patients age, the gums can shrink and lead to ill-fitting dentures. The dental team will likely suggest a denture relining to reduce the space between gum tissue and the denture.

The dental team includes a prosthodontist who performs the relining by placing soft or firm material onto the gum section of the dentures. This reshapes the dentures so they can fit in the mouth naturally. The prosthodontist also measure changes in the gum and bones using an impression. After an assessment of the condition and function of the dentures, the dental team will determine if there is adequate support for a denture reline. In some instances, the most cost-effective option is to remake the prosthesis.

About Osmin Denture Clinic

Osmin Denture has been regarded as a quality dental clinic with a proven track record. The dental practice has been in business for decades and prides itself on delivery quality customer service and healthy, attractive smiles for patients. The facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and provides in-depth staff training to ensure each procedure is performed with care and accuracy. Osmin Dental is also intent on offering a warm and welcoming environment. House calls are also available for patients who are home-bound, in hospitals, and nursing homes to ensure their dental health is maintained if they are not able to travel to the office.

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