Build a Successful, Tax-Exempt E-Commerce Business Today With Emanuel Khachaturov And Jerome Basilio Of Prestige Auditors

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Build a Successful, Tax-Exempt E-Commerce Business Today With Emanuel Khachaturov And Jerome Basilio Of Prestige Auditors

September 03
06:24 2020

Over the past decade, online businesses have experienced quite the boom as “convenience at a click” mentality has swept the world of eCommerce with full force. Instead of going through the hassle of putting on cloths and visiting the supermarket or the mall, many customers now prefer to have their favorite products delivered at their doorstep and sellers have definitely caught wind of this. Many sellers are now seriously thinking about starting their eCommerce business. There is just one slight issue: they are not sure how! And this is exactly the driving force behind Prestige Auditors.

The company was formed by Emanuel Khachaturov and Jerome Basilio, professionals who possess multifaceted experience in various areas of business. They nurtured Prestige Auditors to become an elite E-Commerce Business Consultation service for both new and experienced sellers planning on entering the world of E-Commerce.

To sellers who are unfamiliar with the E-Commerce industry, setting up an online business make seem like an uphill struggle and can end up giving sellers cold feet. One visit to is enough to reassure the clients that they are in good, capable hands. The way Prestige Auditors has structured its operations takes away the anxiety of starting an online business. Prestige Auditors E-Commerce Business Consultation assists sellers in every step of business formation and management, by guiding them on the types of business they can choose from, and acquiring all the necessary documentation for starting their online business such as articles of organization, resale certificates, etc.

For more detailed information, you can visit to understand how business formation is simplified for your convenience at Prestige Auditors.

That’s not all! Prestige Auditors, as is evident from the name, also acts as the ultimate auditing service for any business, big or small. Emanuel Khachaturov’s vast experience as an auditor in some of the most reputable companies on a global scale and Jerome Basilio’s equally vast knowledge of the E-Commerce industry combine to detect flaws in clients’ businesses as well as monitor the financial side of things to ensure loss minimization. The company offers qualified, unqualified, adverse, and other variants of auditing services to its clients.

The company also offers Tax Exemption for Professional Sellers looking to circumvent double taxation on the products which they are planning to sell. Sellers are often unsure about how and why tax exemption is an important factor in their business, and are unaware about the process in general. Tax exemption in itself is a complicated process which not many can handle with precision. Prestige Auditors unties the knots by educating its clients on a topic which many of them might find intimidating. The company digs deep into each client’s business to determine in which states they may need resale certificates and acquires these certificates for them.

For Prestige Auditors, it is crucial to educate clients on business operations and seeing as tax exemption is an integral part of that, the company offers free instructional material on its website,, which its clients can refer to and learn about the benefits of becoming tax exempt. After the education process, the team behind Prestige Auditors guides the clients into becoming tax exempt in any given state based on their requirements.

Moreover, the company’s services are not limited to tax exemption as Prestige Auditors offers a wide variety of E-Commerce Business Consultation services, ranging from business formation at the earliest stages (helping sellers decide on the type of entities they can choose from), resale certificate assistance, and auditing services designed to help businesses stay on the right track.

Always keeping the differing needs of clients in mind, Prestige Auditors offers a wide variety of packages that clients can choose based on their needs and specifications. Moreover, the company takes a different path from others by offering free education material to anyone who wishes to learn about business formation and management.

The combination of all mentioned services, and the passion to uphold quality make Prestige Auditors the ideal E-Commerce Business Consultation service which deeply cares for each client and goes to great lengths in forming and managing businesses that are not only built to last, but to grow exponentially, all while retaining pitch-perfect business operations.

About the Company:

Guidance through business formation, assistance with tax exemption, conducting detailed audits are just some of the service which Prestige Auditors offer their clients.

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Phone: +1 800-407-3571
City: Yerevan
Country: Armenia

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