Cambodia Participates in Sichuan International Tourism Trade Expo as Chief Guest State

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Cambodia Participates in Sichuan International Tourism Trade Expo as Chief Guest State

September 24
21:03 2020

The 2020 Sichuan Cultural and Tourism Development Conference, the 6th China (Sichuan) International Tourism Investment Conference and the 7th Sichuan International Tourism Trade Expo will be held in Leshan on September 25th, 2020. Cambodia, Chongqing and Yibin will respectively serve as the chief guest state of honor, the guest province of honor and the theme city, all of which jointly organize various exchange activities.

Mount Emei

The surging Yangtze River meanders in the “Heavenly Land of Plenty”, running endlessly and nourishing the beautiful natural scenery and splendid historical civilization. Its tributaries, Minjiang River, Qingyi River and Dadu River favor the south of the heavenly land, Leshan, which is located in Sichuan. For more than 3000 years, the three rivers have met here, giving the ancient city of Jiazhou its strong vitality. Jiazhou, the south of the heavenly land, is the location of world cultural and natural double heritage; it is an excellent Chinese tourist city and tourist destination…. It is famous for mountains and prosperous for water, and is the shining pearl on the tributary of the Yangtze River.

As the ancients saying goes, “The best beauty of the world’s landscape is in Sichuan and the best beauty of Sichuan is in Jiazhou.” The beauty of Jiazhou’s landscape has been known throughout the world since antiquity. For thousands of years, the beautiful landscape in Jiazhou has attracted Bai Li, Fu Du, Shi Su, Shen Cen, Dacheng Fan, Tingjian Huang, You Lu and other literati to describe its aspect. It also witnessed the childhood and youth of Moruo Guo—a great contemporary cultural master.

When you walk into Leshan and experience the magnificence of its famous mountains, famous Buddhas, celebrities and famous cities, or feel the exquisite and surprising freshness of ancient towns, countryside and folk customsyou will be attracted by the rich and splendid scenery of this 12,000 square kilometers of land. Leshan is a fascinating combination of nature and man, with beautiful mountains and rivers and outstanding people.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Come on! Come to Leshan to open this quaint thread-bound book. You can visit the world-renowned cultural and natural double heritage of Emei Mountain-Leshan Giant Buddha, practice Emei martial arts in the mountains, experience the Emei martial arts culture, feel the magnificence of life on the top of the famous mountain and look up to Master Haitong’s achievements under the giant Buddha. You can also visit the first example of world irrigation engineering heritage in China, Dongfeng Weir, and get a glimpse of the 300-year-old irrigation civilization around the ancient weir; or visit Moruo Guo’s former residence, Qianwei Confucian Temple, Chang Lei’s former residence, Sanjiang Song Pagoda, and Mahaoya Tomb to cherish old sites and look up to the sages.

World Irrigation Heritage, Dongfeng Weir. Photo by Yonggang Zhang

Come on! Come to Leshan to travel through time and space to have a talk with the ancients. You could go boating over Cyathea Lake, which is surrounded by tens of thousands of Cyatheas; You could take the Jiayang narrow gauge steam train, which is known as the “the living landscape of primitive industrial revolution”, and listen to the echoes of the industrial revolution era along with the roar of the train. Perhaps you would instead like a taste of Nongfu Spring in Mount Emei factory, which is sweet and condensed with the spirit of the celestial mountain, where you can explore the exquisite sparks of the collision between the beautiful landscape and the clean industry. You could also visit the unique boat-shaped street and water wharf to feel the simple street-market style in Luocheng, Suji, Xiba, Luomu and other ancient towns.

Come on! Come to Leshan, and enter a fairyland to experience an ecological adventure. You could walk in the primitive Black Bamboo valley to see towering ancient trees, high mountains, meadows and wild flowers everywhere, and experience the unique dangerous beauty of “Chinese Bermuda”. You could go through the rapids and cliffs of the Jinkou River Grand Canyon to experience a majestic and dangerous example of one of the “Top ten most beautiful canyons in China”, or you could walk through the scattered new villages of Yi Family, enjoy the charming scenery and ethnic customs of Xiaoliangshan Mountain, and sing with the Yi Family together with drink.

Come on! Come to Leshan to start a leisurely journey of physical and mental pleasure. Place your body and mind in the hot springs in Mount Emei and Heizhugou Hot Springs to find peace of body and mind; Emei martial arts, Jiajiang New Year pictures, Wutongqiao dragon boats, Muchuan grass dragon, Yi embroidery… the colorful folk customs will help you to feel the simple and unique folk customs of southwest Sichuan; tofu pudding, sweet duck, cooked eel, cross-legged beef, Xiba tofu… the splendid Jiazhou cuisine is enough to wake up your taste buds.

Yi Family Customs in Black Bamboo valley

Come on! Come to Leshan to feel the ancient charm of historical cities alongside dazzling cultural monuments, appreciate the beauty of the city of mountains and rivers in its rich scenery and experience the vigorous vitality of the livable city rich in tourism.

Jiayang train passes through the sea of ​​flowers

The ancient charm of Leshan, the beauty of Leshan and the vitality of Leshan are waiting for you! (Tao Li, Xiaohui Fu. All pictures were taken by Tao Li except for the signature.)

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