Rancher’s Prime Introduces USDA Prime Grade Steaks to Support Artisan Ranchers

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Rancher’s Prime Introduces USDA Prime Grade Steaks to Support Artisan Ranchers

November 13
09:06 2020
Rancher’s Prime Introduces USDA Prime Grade Steaks to Support Artisan Ranchers
This brand supports the hardworking American rancher by bringing high-quality steaks often reserved for the top steakhouses and grocers in the world to American homes

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many Americans to cook and eat their food at home. People who missed eating steaks find it hard to buy USDA Prime Grade beef. This difficulty pushed meat aficionado Carl Ratner to establish Rancher’s Prime, a brand dedicated to bringing USDA Prime Grade beef to American homes to support today’s hardworking American rancher. The brand is set to launch on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter on November 17, 2020.

Rancher’s Prime believes people deserve access to prime beef from American ranchers. “When you taste a steak like this, the melt-in-your-mouth, buttery tenderness will make you realize it’s more than a steak. It’s an experience you’ll never forget,” Ratner said.

As a born-and-raised Kansas country boy, Ratner has had enough of paying high prices for steaks that don’t guarantee consistent quality even at his favorite steakhouses.

When Ratner found an 8th generation rancher in Texas and tasted one of his steaks, he knew he had found premium-grade beef. But an individual couldn’t buy that meat. Only five-star restaurants and a few exclusive stores sell that kind of good beef.

Besides, the esteemed ranchers across Texas, Kansas, and the Midwest didn’t have the tools to outsource and deliver the best cuts straight to American homes.

Now, Ratner had partnered with that rancher and other artisan ranchers to offer Americans the exceptional and unavailable cuts of beef. This became the start of Rancher’s Prime. Today, steak lovers can get the highest quality steaks in the country whenever they want.

Rancher’s Prime’s beef is 100% traceable from birth to table, with strict protocols in place. Traceability means that ranchers guarantee its customers that quality starts from livestock raising to product delivery. The ranchers are the experts picking out the brand’s steaks to bring only the best that makes the cut.

The cattle raised by the brand’s group of ranchers are heritage breeds, which mean that they are allowed to roam free and are rotated often across pastures. They grow without the use of artificial growth hormones to produce better-tasting meat. They are also grass-fed and grain-finished. The brand’s elite ranchers only raise true Black Angus Cattle and Heritage Bred Hogs.

Rancher’s Prime artisan ranchers are obsessed with improving the flavor and tenderness of their meats for generations. Thus, they can tell customers how a piece of meat will taste, cut, and cook. They know the perfect marbling, the right thickness and textures that will yield exceptional tenderness and taste, and every other detail of a good cut. Every single year, the beef and pork that customers receive will taste better than the year before.

Apart from providing USDA Prime Grade steaks, Rancher’s Prime also offers quality pork cuts. They also have pre-packaged meats such as the authentic Austin-style pork and beef barbecue, smoked sausages, and applewood-smoked bacon. For every purchase made, a percentage of Rancher’s Prime’s proceeds goes to the environmentally challenged American ranchers.

For more information on Rancher’s Prime, visit https://ranchersprime.com.

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