Cherrystone Auctions Discloses the Three Most Valuable United States Stamps

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Cherrystone Auctions Discloses the Three Most Valuable United States Stamps

November 17
13:00 2020
Cherrystone Auctions Discloses the Three Most Valuable United States Stamps
Cherrystone Auctions, Inc., recently announced to the public the names of the three most valuable stamps printed in the United States.

New York City, NY – Cherrystone Auction, Inc., a New York City stamp auction house, has released to the public information about the three most valuable US stamps.

When attending stamp auctions in New York, Cherrystone Auctions advises that you won’t accidentally run into these stamps. They are too valuable. Usually the only time people might have the opportunity to purchase one of these stamps is when the owner dies and descendants sell the stamp to settle the estate. 

Number 1: The Inverted Jenny

Even if you’ve never done any stamp collecting, you have probably heard of the Inverted Jenny stamp. When one comes up for sale, it causes quite a stir at the New York live stamp auctions. This stamp shows the airplane used for the first airmail flight. When the stamp was printed, the drawing of the airplane was printed upside down. There were only 100 of these stamps printed, so this explains why they are quite rare. Cherrystone notes that they hold one of these stamps in their permanent collection.

Number 2: Ben Franklin, Block of 16 stamps, 1847 issue

1847 was the first year that Americans could buy stamps from the post office and put them on their mail to send it out. Before that, letters were paid for by the recipient. These stamps are rare because they represent the very first federal stamps.

Number 3: George Washington, 3 cent, rose grill, 1867

The Ben Franklin and the George Washington stamp often vie with each other for the second and third place most valuable stamps. There were only 1000 printed and now only four still exist.

About Cherrystone Auctions, Inc.

Cherrystone Auctions, Inc., was originally founded as a retail shop in 1967 by Charyton Buchsbayew. Charyton’s son, Paul Buchsbayew now serves as president of the company and directs the auction house in the heart of New York City. Joshua Buchsbayew, the vice-president, represents the third generation of philatelic experts.

Media Contact
Company Name: Cherrystone Auctions, Inc.
Contact Person: Paul Buchsbayew
Email: Send Email
Phone: (800) 886-9313
Address:119 West 57th Street Suite 316
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States

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