Protecting Real Estate Brokers During the Pandemic: Proactive Cybersecurity by Wenyah Support Services.

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Protecting Real Estate Brokers During the Pandemic: Proactive Cybersecurity by Wenyah Support Services.

December 07
07:04 2020
Wenyah elevates cybersecurity awareness for Realtors and Micro Business Owners.

Proactive Cybersecurity

Ideally, in this day and age, a real estate business should already have cybersecurity measures in place to ensure that cybersecurity attacks do not occur. Taking proactive cybersecurity measures, explicitly employing a trusted cybersecurity service provider’s assistance is still the best step to take to keep businesses safe from cyber threats.

A cybersecurity-centric company, Wenyah Support Services,, a one-stop-shop for realtors, strives to raise cybersecurity awareness for realtors, brokers, and micro-businesses. A cybersecurity company built by cybersecurity experts and realtors aims to provide the best services they can offer to fellow realtors and real estate professionals. Realtors can focus on what they do best – closing transactions, while Wenyah Support Services secures and protects Realtors’ hard-earned money from cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity During the Pandemic

The increasing dependence of the real estate industry on technology has helped many realtors and real estate professionals significantly boost their reach and service quality. Most brokers and business owners think hackers and cybercriminals do not target their business because their companies are relatively smaller. Realtors and micro-business owners are unique, using the same computer for business and personal use, creating a wider cyber-attack surface, and automated attacks created by cybercriminals are scouring the internet for vulnerable machines 24/7.

When the pandemic started, many realtors, brokers, micro-business owners and, real estate professionals lacked preparation and planning, particularly in cybersecurity. Addressing cybersecurity issues helps customers raise their confidence in the real estate company and avert preventable difficulties like damage and destruction of data, theft of intellectual property, including personal and financial data theft. According to Wenyah’s research, 60% of realtors, real estate professionals, and brokers help their clients get approved with their loans and act as liaisons for the mortgage loan originator. This practice means that real estate professionals are handling Personally Identifiable Information and without proper training and cybersecurity defense – unnecessarily and carelessly.

For real estate businesses, errors and omissions insurances do not cover protection from cyberattacks. Cybersecurity insurance does not show your due diligence if the company lacks actual data security. Without a robust cybersecurity defense, the company is comparable to driving a car with seatbelts and airbags (errors and omissions, and cybersecurity insurance). Still, no one in their right minds would drive a car without breaks (data/endpoint security).

Why Wenyah Support Services is Right for Business Owners. is a one-stop-shop for realtors, real estate professionals, and micro-businesses is offering Cybersecurity, Technical Support, Executive Virtual Assistants, Advertising, and Marketing. Wenyah offers customizable security plans for realtors, helping them cover more devices when needed. Wenyah also provides a 24/7 Security Operations Center coupled with endpoint security to maintain consistent protection from any cyberattacks.

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