Antonio Robinson Is Appointed As “Chairman Advisor” Of The Advisory Board To The Government Of Kyrgyzstan

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Antonio Robinson Is Appointed As “Chairman Advisor” Of The Advisory Board To The Government Of Kyrgyzstan

December 12
11:48 2020
Antonio Robinson is now the new Chairman Advisor of The Advisory Board to the Kyrgyzstan Government. This young, energetic individual from Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA, will serve as a liaison and, with his expertise, help them make well-informed policy decisions for Kyrgyzstan Citizens and Expats’ betterment.

Kyrgyzstan is a developing country in Central Asia and home to 6.31 million people. Since its independence in 1991, the country has faced countless challenges like ethnic disputes, transitional governments, and political turmoil. As a result, the country’s economic conditions were also severely affected, and it is currently the second poorest country in Central Asia. The Government of Kyrgyzstan is making extensive efforts to support the economy by reducing expenditures and incorporating new taxes. The government is committed to improving the quality of life of the citizens and striving to achieve sustainable development goals.

We all exist in the same world, and as responsible inhabitants of the planet, we must support each other to make this world a better place to live for everyone. Kyrgyz are incredibly talented people, and if given the right opportunities, they can open new horizons of prosperity for their country. When young, smart individuals come forward and work with stakeholders, they can brainstorm new ideas for growth and accomplish something unprecedented. With a mission to help Kyrgyzstan people and work for their progress, Antonio Robinson is now serving as the Chairman Advisor of The Advisory Board to the Government of Kyrgyzstan.

This brilliant professional from the US is administering a campaign for support named YMYT (Yamat – meaning hope in Kyrgyz), with the fundamental objective to address the country’s unemployment problems. The campaign focuses on creating jobs for the citizens and expats in the country, cultivating influential relationships to bring international investments, and working for the citizens’ overall welfare.Antonio currently splits time between America and Japan and is very passionate to work as the Advisory Chairman.

When asked to talk about his personal journey and the campaign Antonio said,

“I was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina by two Marines. After finishing college, I joined the military, which allowed me to explore this country, and develop several personal & professional relationships there in the last decade. The quality of education and curriculum was impressive, but I observed there is ample scope for improvement in the relationship domain. It is my view that the world is better and stronger if we fight unitedly for a cause. The progress of the people we represent is at the forefront of my agenda. Creating jobs, quality healthcare, and honest business practices are essential to building and promoting meaningful, influential relationships. Kyrgyzstan citizens deserve a superior quality of life. With this objective as my primary focus, we will construct, strengthen, and manifest the aspired results”. Antonio aims to bring change and support this country to the fullest and appreciate the support of everyone who believes in giving back to the world.

Kyrgyzstan First – No Promises, Just Results.

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Facebook: YMYT_Campaign

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