Economics Graduate Degree Available at UC Merced

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Economics Graduate Degree Available at UC Merced

December 18
06:09 2020
Economics Graduate Degree Available at UC Merced

When someone pursues an economics graduate degree, it helps give them a better understanding of the world around them. It provides a greater understanding of people, governments, markets, and businesses. It also provides a more in-depth understanding of how to respond to opportunities or threats that may arise when changes occur.

A person who attends the University of California, Merced Economicsgraduate program will be well prepared to deal with and understand the world they live in because they gain the analytical and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in many different career paths.

The Ph.D. program in Economics at UC Merced prepares students to answer real-world questions, using frontier economic methods and insights from multiple disciplines. The program emphasizes rigorous quantitative training, novel data sources, and an expansive view of economic theory incorporating insights from multiple perspectives. These emphases are embodied by our young, vibrant, and research-active faculty researching a variety of areas, including development, migration, labor, innovation, and culture as well as behavioral and experimental economics.

Thanks to the flexibility and breadth offered by an economics graduate degree, students are prepared to adjust to any unexpected changes and to take advantage of new and unexpected opportunities. According to a recent study, college graduates with a Bachelor’s degree will change careers and jobs approximately four times in the initial decade after graduation. Thanks to the many applications offered by an economics graduate degree, this is a great option to continue your education and gain new skills for the ever-changing job market.

Gain the Skills and Knowledge Employers are Looking For

At the core, economics graduate degrees, like the one offered by, provide individuals with the ability to evaluate different options and make better and more insightful choices. Individuals will develop analytical skills to support good decisions and examine data. The skills are desired throughout careers in academia and the private and public sectors.

Employers are looking for skills gained by studying economics. These include things like problem-solving, making decisions, analyzing data, obtaining and processing information while writing and speaking effectively. All these are provided by a graduate degree from As a result, this is a career field that offers several career opportunities.

Ensure a Successful Future

Regardless of what someone’s future holds or what they want to do, they have a better chance of success with an economics graduate degree. Knowing the thought process that goes into decision making and how markets work and how rules affect the outcome will help individuals make smarter and more educated decisions. This translates to success in life and work.

While an economics graduate degree will likely receive a higher starting salary than other professionals, the key indicators of an economics major’s value are lifetime earnings and long-term success. In fact, the lifetime earnings of an economics major will outpace that of a business major, general engineering majors, and social science majors. 

Finding the Right Degree Program

If someone wants to pursue a graduate degree in economics, there are several factors to consider. Be sure to keep the information here in mind, which provides a clear overview of why someone should pursue this degree. Knowing what the degree program offers is the best way for someone to figure out if it is the right option for them. Remember, an economics graduate degree can open a lot of doors. If someone is unsure of what they should study in graduate school, this may be a smart option.

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