The Hollywood Entertainment Network Introduces Michelle Eddington’s Viking Tale, “VAGARY” on Netflix

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The Hollywood Entertainment Network Introduces Michelle Eddington’s Viking Tale, “VAGARY” on Netflix

January 26
04:45 2021
The Hollywood Entertainment Network Introduces Michelle Eddington’s Viking Tale, "VAGARY" on Netflix

The rise of the digital space, along with the significant advancements in technology, has allowed industries to evolve. Established authorities have found ways to elevate their ventures and improve their craft by capitalizing on systems designed to deliver efficiency and results. However, the same could not be said about the world of film. As noted by The Hollywood Entertainment Network, one of today’s leading film studios, the film production systems established years ago have only changed slightly in relation to the radically-transformed technology. This astute observation lies at the core of its mission to introduce groundbreaking initiatives.

This American film studio, which is owned by SAA Global Enterprises, has been recognized as one of the top-of-the-line Hollywood film studios nationwide. Its production studios are based in Laguna Beach, California, while its distribution and other corporate offices are headquartered in New York City.  

Proving a testament to its potential as a future household name, The Hollywood Entertainment Network has managed to barrel its way to the forefront of the cutthroat film industry by zeroing in on three rules that are not observed in film production, namely risk control, flexible production or agile manufacturing, and management production or lean manufacturing. 

The Hollywood Entertainment Network (THEN) is currently preparing to launch VAGARY, a fantasy and adventure series revolving around an unlikely, argumentative group setting sail with a Viking fleet that will find themselves stuck in another dimension. Haphazardly tossed into another plane of existence by a violent storm, the group must find a way to survive despite being surrounded by creatures engaged in a war between the Sirens and Sprites.

This upcoming standout release by The Hollywood Entertainment Network (and its setting up with the production network through FX, AMC, STARZ, TRIBUNE MEDIA, VIACOM) is the product of Michelle Eddington’s imagination and passion for movies, comic books, and novels. A professional scriptwriter and authorized representative of THEN, she is known for “Aleave Vs. The Black Demon.”

VAGARY is bound to be a guaranteed hit thanks also to the participation of some of Hollywood’s most prominent personalities. It will star Richard Tyson, the actor behind “Three O’Clock High,” “Kindergarten Cop,” and “Hardball,” as well as the Pakistani-American actor, director, brand ambassador, model, and voice-over talent Aadi Hussain aka Syed Ahad Hussain who made his first acting debut in a supporting role in the Oscar-nominated film “Baby.” One of his most remarkable roles was playing the character Blayer Davis in the Geo Television 2011 animated series The 99.  It was directed by David Osborne and aired in the United Kingdom and Canada. Additionally, Aadi Hussain also appeared in high-ranking Turkish plays such as Medcezir, where he portrayed the character Barış Alpayku in 2016 and Yaprak Dökümü in 2015.

With the imminent introduction of VAGARY to the film and entertainment world, The Hollywood Entertainment Network is set to gain another foothold in the field. Amidst its stacked-up portfolio of accomplishments, it shows no sign of slowing down.

In the coming years, more industry-shaking endeavors and projects can be expected from this mogul. One of its future goals is to provide a mobile film studio bus that will serve as a new and unique tool for film production. Additionally, by introducing the concept of a virtual workspace where people can film, edit, and screen the result with the help of a mobile film studio, it aims to cement its reputation as a powerhouse even more solidly. 

Learn more about The Hollywood Entertainment Network by visiting its website.

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