Straightening Teeth without Metal Braces Made Possible

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Straightening Teeth without Metal Braces Made Possible

April 21
15:00 2021

Many thousands of Canadians face a difficult choice of whether to have their teeth straightened but do not want to wear metal braces in order to do so. While they are effective in getting the job done, metal braces can be unsightly and be the first thing that people see when people smile or greet them.

For patients considering this type of dental treatment, there is a new option. The Art of Dentistry dental clinic in Downtown Toronto offers an effective but much more subtle way of straightening teeth but without the visual impact of metal braces. Invisalign is a specialist treatment that combines the best of both worlds for patients. On the one hand they get the perfect smile from their straightened teeth, but to do so they do not have to put up with wearing unsightly metal braces for months on end.

“Our patients ask us about Invisalign more and more, and it is becoming an increasingly popular treatment” a spokeswoman for The Art of Dentistry told us. “For patients that already have all their adult teeth but their mouth suffers from being crowded, patchy spaced teeth or from over or underbite, Invisalign is a perfect solution”.

“Our specialist, Dr. Weiss, was one of the first to adopt the Invisalign treatment, and this experience proves invaluable to our patients from across the Greater Toronto Area in straightening out their dental issues.”

“Another benefit of Invisalign is that there are not many prerequisite criteria for patients to be able to benefit from the treatment. For the plastic aligners to work to their optimal ability, teeth and gums must be healthy and any treatments that are needed to achieve this have to be completed prior to commencing Invisalign treatment. Your readiness for Invisalign treatment can be assessed in a detailed session with Dr. Weiss, and patients can ensure they have everything ready to begin their orthodontic treatment.”

The innovative Invisalign treatment is an ideal solution for patients of all ages looking for a discreet solution to realigning their teeth. The process for patients is a simple and non-invasive one. “The first step is that your teeth are x-rayed so they can be assessed for their current alignment. From here digital imaging is used to create a plan for the impressions of how teeth will be aligned after treatment. This then enables individually crafted treatment plans to be created based on the exact alignment of the patients’ mouth.”

“This modelling even enables patients to create virtual replicas of their smile and what it will look like after the treatment. It is also possible for patients to see how the alignment of their teeth will change during the course of their treatment plan. During the course of the Invisalign treatment, patients wear the custom mold for around 22 hours every day with the exception of eating and brushing their teeth. The mouthpiece is replaced around every fortnight to move on to the next stage of the treatment and realignment of the teeth.

About The Art of Dentistry

The Art of Dentistry is a dental clinic located in Yorkville, ON. The clinic provides a range of general dentistry practices for patients in the Greater Toronto Area. In addition to this the clinic also provides cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign which is a non-invasive orthodontic treatment that provides an almost invisible plate as an alternative to unsightly metal braces.

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